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My name is Jan from Brisbane, Australia. I have been a on/off baker for many years with many mishaps and absolute stuff-ups. After buying a variety of  bread  baking books with no improvement in edible loaves, I finally joined this forum. I am 68years old, retired, male and a keen cook and sausagemaker as well.

Being a Dutchman by birth, I remember some great bread I ate as a youngster. All the loaves for sale here are pretty horrible. No doubt I will be asking many questions about where I went wrong in the past. Hopefully somebody can steer me in the right direction.

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I'm on a roll here writing to newbies such as yourself.  Check out the notes I just wrote only minutes ago.  I always say the same thing to new bakers:  learn from an expert instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.  As much fun as bread baking is, it still is full of things you have to learn.  Teach yourself from a text book, NOT A BREAD COOK BOOK.  DiMuzio's Bread Baking which is advertised on this page often (in the left hand column) is my favorite because of how clear and concise it is and because it provides exercises to grow from.  Practice, practice, and practice some more.  Then tell us what you succeeded or failed at.  Read the comments you get but always compare the comments to what your chosen text says.  It's impossible to know whether a particular comment is written by an expert or a newbie such as yourself until you've actually had lots of experience.  And don't buy a big, complicated text (such as Hamelman's) until you've lots of experience under your belt.

I also recommend that you watch all the videos as soon as possible.  Then go back to them when you're baking a particular bread to which a video is relevant.

Have fun!



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Two of the the most respected bakers on TFL live in Brisbane,  Phil at Pips and Shaio-Ping .  Check out their blogs and you will on your way to baking great bread from some talented artists . Use the search feature to find their blogs and you will see what I mean.  Be they can stear you to some good bread for sale too.

Welcome and happy baking!