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Wheat Walnut Loaf

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Wheat Walnut Loaf

The second 'Bread Alone' loaf I made (page 99.)

I had to mix the 20% bran wheat flour myself because I

could not find it in the store. Also I swapped the 'cracked wheat'

and used 'crushed wheat' because I also could not find this.

Nice loaf with great taste but I think the crumb would have been less

dense if I had used the correct ingredients described in the recipe.

I think it was a very good bread though.


PS : The book mentions that this bread should have a torpedo shape.

I make most of my loaves in a 'boule' shape because I bake them

in a die cast pot.  The reason for doing this is that I found that I have

more control over the baking process.  Benefits of this I found are that

the loaf is baked more regular. 

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Mini Oven

Those walnuts just want to jump out at you. How was it? I'm with you on the round shapes. I'll bet it's good with extra soft philidelphia creme cheese.

-Mini O

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Mini O, thanks for the feedback, the loaf was just delicious!  The crust was crispy and the taste of the walnuts and cheese plus radish  (philadelphia creme rules) is a-w-e-s-o-m-e!


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What a beautiful loaf!  I'm thinking honey cream cheese...yummm