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A hello from a Newcastle based baker

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A hello from a Newcastle based baker

Hi there, my name's Matt and I'm a home baker based in Newcastle, UK.

I just thought I'd upload today's bread effort and introduce myself;

This is a 100% white flour, 75% hydration loaf, with 2.7g of yeast and a bulk proving of approximately 12 hours at room temperature before shaping, a 40 minute rest, and baking at 220c in a dutch oven. 20 minutes with the lid on, 20 with it off. It has a really moist, tender crumb and a fantastic crust. I'm thoroughly pleased with this loaf as I thought I may have ruined it at first, but it came out nicely in the end.

I'll no doubt be picking your collective brains on commercial bread ovens and baking en-masse as I have a project coming up geared towards that.

Thanks for reading :)

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Great looking loaf. Welcome Aboard. 

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Hello Matt,

I'm just up the road, near Alnwick.   Give me a shout sometime if you want further help

Best wishes