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PAVAILLER Oven $3500

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PAVAILLER Oven $3500

I have a 3 deck Pavailler Oven for sale. I bought it 2 years ago hoping to use it in our bakery. We have since closed the bakery and need to sell the oven. It has been stored outside with tarp for coverage. The stones are in great condition. It needs to be dismantled and will need to have some parts replaced. We had been in contact with the representative for Pavailler here in the States. He is willing to discuss the oven and his suggestion to us was to dismantle the oven ourselves and he would come and help us determine what new parts would be needed and he would make sure it was reworked and put together and ready to use. 

This is a huge oven and needs to be picked up at our location, Augusta, Ga 30906. a   We will not ship it. It is a wonderful opportunity to own a great oven at a discount. Most used ovens of this kind begin at $20,000.

I can send additional pictures and any additional information you might need.  It is a gas oven and came out of a large grocery store up north. 

Annette Eyrich


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tn gabe

Location, model, gas or electric would be good to know!

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thomaschacon (not verified)

$3500 for something that normally goes for $20000 means (in my mind) that's it's in terrible condition.

Could you post pictures?

Also, could you post a link to the oven specs on Pavallier's website?

Also, when will the rep's report (and est. cost to rebuild) be available?

Are you the original owner?

How much did it cost to run (for how large a production)?

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just posted pictures, the oven came out of a grocery store up north, we have not had the representative look at it and we don't plan to do that at this point, we only spoke with him on the phone after we bought it, I don't know how much it costs to run because we never were able to hook it up, we are looking to get some of our money back, but these ovens sell for well over $75,000 used but obviously ready to hook up, this will require work it is only for someone willing to invest time in taking it apart and paying for the rep to make 2 trips to inventory it and order the parts then to put it together, that may be worth it to someone who doesn't tens of thousands of dollars to spend, there is also the additional expense of loading and moving it which will be an additional expense

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Faith in Virginia

Just sent you a PM

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I have additional specs for this oven for those interested. It is a Cyclothermic Deck Oven. It has 3 decks. It is one piece so it does not come apart. It is model X23 and is about 25 years old. It orginally sold for about $52,000. The rep was very positive about it when we spoke to him. He said it would not be difficult to refurbish and it would easily go another 25 years or more. The stones are in the oven and are in good condition. Please email with any questions

Thank You


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Faith in Virginia

I never got the pictures.. Did you sell the oven already?

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Hello.  Has the oven sold?  I'd be interested in picking it up.  Thanks