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How to Get a Chewy, Stretchy Crust?

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How to Get a Chewy, Stretchy Crust?

I have a question regarding pizza dough. I've tried a number of recipes for pizza dough, but just can't find the perfect one, and I wonder if I'm doing something wrong or just haven't found the right recipe. Basically, what I want is a chewy (although not in a bad way) dough that doesn't get overly crispy or too much like a loaf bread or focaccia.


The recipe I've used here lately is 50% semolina, 50% AP, 50% water, 25% olive oil, 6% Active Dry Yeast and 5% salt. The bread turns out really great for a focaccia or similar loaf bread, but it just doesn't have the pizza dough texture I'm looking for. Should I change something in the recipe, or is one of my techniques to blame?

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Looking at the recipe I'd say WOW that's a lot of oil, salt and yeast. I'm no expert but here's what my family likes.

 AP flour 100%, water 66%, Yeast .75%, salt 2.2%, olive oil 4.5%, sugar 1.9%.

24 hour cold ferment. I'm sure you'll get plenty of other recipe suggestions. Good luck.

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I am currently making pizza dough... We love thin, crispy yet chewy crust of pizza. Typical Italian style. I will post the result later.

Tipo "00" flour 100%, water 60%, olive oil 9%, salt 2%, and active yeast .60%.