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Black Carbon Bread

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Black Carbon Bread

Two weeks ago I was in Singapore in a PD trip with my Faculty. As a side trip 4 of us went to Malacca for the day. We ate the most delicious 5-star Malaysian Rijst tafel I have tasted in years. It was just amazing. While looking around the hotel lobby we found the Hotel Equatorial's 'Cafe etc...' with some very well presented ploaves of bread. One if the loaves was called 'Black Carbon Bread' and was silly enough not to buy it as I could never eat it and I hate to waste good food.

The photo does not quite reflect the black carbon look thwt the real thing actually has, that's how I am sure the loaf  is not burnt.

Can anybody give me some insight as to how this effect would be achieved? I am sure ist's not a Russian bread as the crust really looks like a wheat flour was used. I have seen carbonised bamboo from Hong Kong and suspect that may be the ongredient that would gove this carbonised effect on food.

I'd love to your opinions about this intersting bread.

Should have bought some :o)


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Just Google Bamboo Charcoal bread in Google Images.  Apparently featured in the 29th episode of Japanese anime Yakitake.

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Pastry Monkey

Hi monnyB!

Wow..its a pretty big loaf, so I understand why you were hesitant in purchasing it.

I just baked a bunch of bamboo charcoal bread based off a rustic white loaf with the charcoal added to the dough. Bamboo charcoal (the type for breadmaking) can be purchased in any Malaysian baking supply shop. It's been touted to have certain medicinal properties (detox?) I don't know if there's an official "Bamboo Charcoal Bread" (just like we know what makes a brioche a brioche or a baguette a baguette). My friend who owns a bakery in KL uses it in his sweet dough.  Too me, it doesn't have a discernable taste but it does change the characteristic of my dough (makes it over the top malleable).

Here's a pic of my bamboo charcoal bread with sunflower and sesame seeds. :)



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Thank you Pastry Monkey. I will ask my colleague if there is a special Malaysian shop in Auckland I can go to, otherwise I will need to grind the bamboo pieces I already have at work. I'm looking forward to the malleble dough, that wil be nice.

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that solidified my thoughts. Looking at the crumb, I find the bread a bit less appetising looking because it is SO pitch black! I read a few entries stating that 20 gr bamboo charcoal powder would be sufficient. I jusy might try it. Apparently the flavour is not adversley affected and a sweeter dough is more appetising. 

Apart from that I made some good looking grain bread today with the chocolate roast malt I have.

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When I was learning to be a baker back in Germany, I made my fair share of "Black Carbon Bread". It's pretty much like regular bread, only it bakes about 2-3 hours, usually somewhere in the back of the oven...:)


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Stefan, I remember those days well. For me it was usually the flaked almonds and the last tray of cookies!