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Gummy spots in my bread


I bake a nice multigrain vegan gf bread  that is mostly very good in taste and texture. Sometimes though I get very dense gummy spots in the crumb. They seem to arise from similar thick spots in the batter. I mix the batter very thoughly but still get this results.  Could it be to much xanthum gum. Any thoughts?

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Hi! I haven't worked much with xantham gum, but I know that gluten can have a similar effect of concentrated globs that don't mesh with the rest of the texture. If you're not already, maybe try mixing the gum into the flour really well before you add any liquid, or even sifting them together so there's no concentrated pockets of the xantham gum. that's my thought at least.'s picture

Thanks, I'll give that a try. It may be that the xantham is not the culprit.

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But I agree with Toddvp, first stir together the dry ingredients, before you add the liquid. If the xanthan gum is evenly distributed in the flour, it can't clump.


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What kind of mixer are you using?  A heavy duty stand mixer like a Kitchenaid might help - it can beat a sticky gluten-free batter senseless, past the point where your arm and spoon would give up.