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Need a dough Hook for Hobart n50

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Need a dough Hook for Hobart n50

I bought a Hobart N50 for $30.00 , seem to work fine . Came with bowl , whisk, paddle and Meat grinder. No dough hook. Would any one know where can get a inexpensive one. I would like to get into making bread.  Thanks Rick ..

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Globe Equipment has the OEM "ALU005 ED-DOUGH" spiral dough hook for the N50. Google for it, it's not overly expensive, and a nice piece of kit.

Another option I've used successfuly is the spiral hook for 5-quart kitchenaids. The part number you want is "KNS256BDH". Take care you get this exact part number, there are several spiral hooks, which are slightly different shapes. It's about $10-14 on amazon and ebay (and others, I'm sure).

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I purchased a KitchenAid "KNS256BDH" spiral dough hook to use with my N50. The KNS256BDH is actually the correct dough hook for use with the KitchenAid 6 quart size bowl - NOT the 5 quart size bowl.  The  5 quart size spiral dough hook is a KNS25BDH. I mention this because the KNS256BDH has not worked well for me with my N50.  Even in first speed it throws flour out of the bowl during the initial mix.  I am using my N50 for making pizza dough that is around the 50% AR range.  With this large diameter hook my N50 stalls repeatedly until the dough is well into the kneading range, and the dough warms far too much and far too quickly. Perhaps with wetter bread type dough this hook would work out OK, but one would still have the flour tossing issue.  
In short, at least for my purposes, I think that the KNS256BDH spiral dough hook has too large of a radius and too little horizontal bowl clearance for use in the N50. I will next try to find a local store that has a KNS25BDH hook in stock and compare it radius-wise to the KNS256BDH. If I am unsuccessful in finding a KNS25BDH to compare (or I don't like the way it looks), I will just spend the $57 or so on a new Hobart EDDOUGH-ALU005. Stay tuned for a follow up...

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Interesting to read your experience with the KNS25 hook. I personally found it too narrow to effectively bring the ingredients together - perhaps there's enough subtle varation in construction of the hooks and N50's to account for this?

Either way I'm happy with the OEM N50 hook these days - but actually use the beater for 30-45 seconds to bring dough together before switching to the hook. I gave my KNS256BDH to my brother for his 5-quart KA Pro (works like a glove for that) and have the narrower KNS25 in the cupboard unused.