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Converting recipes calling for liquid sourdough to firm sourdough (Glezer recipe)

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Converting recipes calling for liquid sourdough to firm sourdough (Glezer recipe)

Hello and thanks in advance for help with this issue.

I am about to make the sourdough recipe found here:

My question applies to this and any other recipe that either doesn't specify the type of starter or calls for a liquid of batter-like starter -

How do you determine the amount of firm starter you will need for a recipe that calls for liquid starter? How much water do you need to add? Are there additional steps, like a pre-ferment?

The recipe calls for 1 cup.

The starter, which I love, I have made using Maggie Glezer's recipe from the book Artisan Baking.

Thank you dearly,

-Matt Kreiling

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 Matt:  That is a wonderful question and one that has been bothering me a lot. I do hope someone here will take a moment to answer for us beginners.  To add to this conversation is my second (but less important) question: if I make the starter posted here with pineapple juice, how do I go from that to the starter for a desem. Or, in other words how do you go from a starter like Maggie's (the only one that has worked for me so far!) to a desem?

Last year I made Maggie's starter with no problem.  This year (different house, same town) I started with PR starter in his "Artisan Breads Every Day". I have made 3 separate attempts at this recipe and can't get anywhere with it. Thus, I decided to try the one posted here and so far (3rd day) it seems ok.

Please do answer Matt's and my question--Thank you.

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Matt, It's difficult to give you a good answer when the recipe uses cups and spoons. You would likely get a better answer from the one who came up with the recipe. Adjusting hydration is what you seek. There is an option for comments at the site listed for the recipe. Have you tried to post a comment there? Or there are lots of posters here who would give you a formula to work with your starter.