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Bread falls flat

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Bread falls flat

I've been having huge issues with my bread falling (for years and years!).  I let it rise twice and somehow on the second rise, it spreads out and falls flat.  What am I doing wrong?  I followed the recipe to the T and I can't seem to get bread that rises appropriately so that it is nice and airy! It tastes fine, but gets crumbly very quickly once it cools.   Thanks so much for whatever help you can give.  

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A shot in the dark would be that you're over proofing your dough but, without a complete description of the formula and the process you're using there's no way to truly assess what might be wrong.

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I asked the chef at Relish mag FB page.He said a couple things.At the stage for softening the yeast in water he suggested adding the sugar then or letting it soften in warm milk,instead of  water and that in 5-10 minutes it should bubble or foam.The sugar and/or milk feeds the yeast so the right bacteria can grow.If not bubbling toss it and start over.Also he said to keep the yeast mixture warm during the whole softening stage,like putting it in the oven with pilot light on only.There is also a Mennonite Girls Can Cook FB page.There I picked up this suggestion:If not using bread flour add 1 -2 Tbs of Vital gluten wheat to your flour(I found this last night-Bob's Red Mill at Fred Meyers(probably Kroger in other parts of the country)I have not tried these suggestions yet but will soon.Hope this helps both of us. 

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What kind of bread were you making?

If it's a loaf bread, then I think it might be because of improper shaping and overproofing. For shaping, you need to form a tight surface tension. You roll and seal, making the surface smooth and tight. For proofing, you need to bake it when the dough gets to the stage where it bounces back slowly when it is nudged.

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"Crumbly" sounds as though the dough is not kneaded sufficiently.  Just a guess.