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Hi There!

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Hi There!

Hi All,



Just a quick intorductory post.....I'm from Surrey in the UK. Have been baking bread on and off for years, but not really thinking much about it until now. I started off with a cheap bread machine (which ended up being given away), then headed into the search for the perfect baguette as I couldnt seem to buy decent ones locally. I'm still searching for that, but hopefully reading through the knowledge on this site will get me there.

Anyway.....I recently acquired some sourdough starter, so that's the direction i'm going in now. I'm getting good loaves, but not great. Yet. I'll head off and post some questions about that shortly....

I look forward to learning a lot here!







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Hi Alasdair,

I too am from Surrey. Your beginings sound similar to mine. I Started out using bread mixes then moved onto actually making the dough from scratch. I was in search of the perfect ciabatta and a year or so later feel I done it! I have been dealing with sourdough for a year now and am currently trying to master the art of panettone making. This forum has given me a mass of information that has really advanced my learning and I hope it will do the same for you.

Nice to talk to you. Good luck with your endeavors.

Please have a look at my blog:


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Thanks Michael!