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Can I use Gram Flour (Besan) for no-knead bread?

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Can I use Gram Flour (Besan) for no-knead bread?

I have a whole bag of Gram flour that I bought for another purpose and now won't use. I want to try out the no-knead bread recipe but don't know if I can substitute this flour or not. Any thoughts?

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You might check out the spelt recipe for the NKB on Breadtopia. I am not familiar with gram flour but I made the spelt variation, substituting 1 cup of bread flour to improve the rise. Go to Breadtopia and look under Sourdough Starter bread recipes on the right side of the screen. Hope this helps, A

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The gram flour we can buy here in the UK is ground chick peas (garbanzo beans). Excellent for making onion bhaji etc - but I am pretty sure it has no gluten so I can't imagine it would make bread. Any one else have a take on this?

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andrew_l is right - gram flour is made from chickpeas (aka garbanzos). I think it would make the bread very heavy if added in any quantity. Personally, if I was subbing flour, I would stick with flours made from grain that contains at least some gluten.

I do use soy flour in a recipe I use for for Soy-Honey White bread. The bakers percentage for the soy flour is about 11%. 

If you insist on including the gram flour, I think you should at  least use bread flour rather than all-purpose flour for the no-knead bread and keep the amount of gram flour very small.

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I have a recipe for flat bread that has besan flour in it.

I have made it before and it tastes sooo good. 

I could post it for you, but, I wont be able to do so for about a week. 

I couldnt imagine it working by itself for KNB but I imagine that if you added it to some good strong flour or even add some gluten flour as well as wheat flour (of some sort....white, wholemeal/wheat etc) it would be fine.


It gives it a nice different flavour.





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Oops! Sorry, I assumed gram flour was in the same family as graham flour. What were you planning to use it for originally? Glad some of the other members jumped in to help, A

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I'd love to see the recipe for flat bread. I have never made much bread before but recently had the no-knead bread made with some artisan seeds from King Arthur and was extremely impressed. I have wanted to try it and thought it might be a good way to use up the Gram flour. I guess I'll just figure out something else to do with it - I have two Indian cookbooks so ought to be able to come up with something. Thanks for all your help.