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English Muffins from Peyton and Bryne

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English Muffins from Peyton and Bryne

I'm following the recipe but the directions say the dough is supposed to be sticky and it's turning out soupy.  is it supposed to be like that or do I need to disregard the recipe and add more flour?  

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Soupy would be wrong. You should have a definite ball of dough, and it should stick to your fingers when you touch it. Are you really sure you followed the recipe. I'd check again.

If you're completely certain you followed the recipe up to this point you could do one of two things:

1) You could add more flour to get from soupy to sticky. You might end up with about twice as much dough as you expected.

2) You could start over, but this time, don't add all the called-for water at once.  Add it slowly until you get to the sticky, not soupy, stage.

Good luck.


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I am not familiar with this particular recipe but there are a great many ways to make English Muffins.  "Soupy" sounds a bit thin but it just might be right for this recipe.  I would not deviate too far from the recipe IF you believe it to be a recipe of quality.