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New to Sourdough--some questions about my first try

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New to Sourdough--some questions about my first try

New member here!  This seems like a helpful community so I thought I would post some questions.


I have been trying the Tartine Sourdough recipe.  I paged through the book and thought it might be too difficult, but then I saw this post also with a link to Martha Stewart's site, and it looked easy enough.


The first night that I mixed it up it rose and fell.  I discarded 3/4 and added flour and water.  After that, I don't think I've had it rise and fall.  I get this:

Here are my questions.  Is it supposed to separate like that?  If so, when I discard it, am I supposed to stir it up first and discard?  I get the "stinky cheese" smell from it, but now I'm not getting any bubbling, nor a rise or fall. 


Do I need to start over?  What should I do to make sure I succeed?  It has been humid here and a few hot days, though we usually have the air conditioner on--how much will that make a difference?


Thanks for any help and tips you can offer!

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This is a common event.  The liquid separates when the starter is not active.  The odor you smelled is probably from a due to a strain of bacteria called leuconostoc that seems to be more prevalent in flour now than it was formerly.  It is not harmful and will disappear after a continued feeding and when the starter becomes acidic.  The "pineapple juice solution" prevents this from happening and I totally recommend this as a method of making a fresh starter.  See:

Baring starting over with the "pineapple solution,"  just continue feeding and stirring and eventually (say 2 weeks) you will have a starter that, though not mature, will raise your bread.


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Just wanted to let you know that your advice paid off.  Thanks for the reply.  My loaf turned out great (and delicious). 

I posted some photos at my blog: