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My weekend baking project

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My weekend baking project

This bread fever is contagious! After seeing me baking bread for two weeks, my husband decided he too was going to make bread. Because he loves baguettes so much, he decided he was going to try lesson 2 from floydm's tutorial... So, while I was making my Honey Wheat Bread, he was making his own bread... Here's the result...

My husband starting his project

That's my husband starting his first baguette...

The huge loaf...The huge loaf...

The result...

The result of both my Honey Wheat Bread and his first baguette....


It is absolutely delicious!!!!!!!!!!! And like good PR's we are enjoying it with a good cup of coffee.... I LOOOOOOVE BAKING BREAD!!!!


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he's got the fever too!! Bread baking is very addictive and will turn you into a bread snob. Keep us up to date on what the 2 of you are creating.

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The breads are beautiful and so are the smiles. Breadbaking sure is fun isn't it.                                                                                                           weavershouse

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MLuciano, you guys are adorable. (I should've realized with all that energy and forward thinking you must be a kid...:D) Are you two going to be squabbling over kitchen and oven time now?

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I guess so... ji ji

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Today, after the church service Ben (my husband) AGAIN baked bread for a couple of friends who are coming over.

Now, we're battling to see who is going to bake bread next time... And, IT IS MY TURN!!!! MINEEEE! Ji Ji

Baguette 1Baguette 1

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How wonderful to be able to share a hobby like this.  And the results are so satisfying!  Even the worst homemade bread is better than most storebought.


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We were saying today that we'll NEVER ever buy bread from the bakery... is a fun hobby and delicious too!!!

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You guys are so cute!  I love the smiles too and well understand how you can't wipe that grin off your face when a super loaf comes out of the oven.  It is one of those great joys that has a lingering effect keeping you happy for hours afterward.  (chuckle)

I think that is awesome you have gotten your hubby interested so you can bake together.  My husband and I love to cook certain things together but he's never told me he thinks it would be fun to try bread.  He sure loves to eat it though. 

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How fun to have a hobby together.  Keep up the great results!