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toaster ovens

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toaster ovens

My 20 year old toaster oven died last week. I was wondering if any of you could recommend a new one? I'm in Canada so North American models would be best. We mainly used the old one for making toast and grilled cheese sandwiches, and only occasionally cooked other things. So I'm looking for something small and fairly basic that won't die the day after the warranty expires.  Any suggestions?

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We bought what I think is this one about 6 months ago and love it: KCO222OB

The size is great, it has a 'stay on until I turn it off' mode, regular timer, broil, multiple racks, a tray, and an easy removal crumb tray. It wasn't cheap, but the capacity and features made it worthwhile.

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I got a Cuisenart Brick Oven a few years ago. It serves well as a toaster but also makes really awesome pizzas and bread. It has pemanent stone lining on the sides and a removable cooking stone bottom for a baking surface.

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I have noticed that toaster ovens, like so many appliances made now just don't seem to last!  I have bought three in the last ten years!  We also use ours for pretty much just toast and the occasional reheating. I would suggerst not spending much since it will likely need to be replaced soon.

The Black and Decker models have all worked well, but not lasted more than a few years.  We just bought an inexpensive Hamilton Beach model at Target that is doing the job just fine, but has a confusing array of dials.

I review and write about appliances at and was sent the Kitchen Aid model recommended above.  It retails for about $100.00 and really could only handle toasting - and even that turned out uneven in our tests.  We tried it for baking and broiling and it failed to meet our expectations.  It also takes up a lot of counter space. We did Kitchen Aid the favor of not posting our opinions on the site.

I hope this helps.


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I started out with the Hamilton Beach model 31197 about 6 years ago.  I have used it ever since and have had absolutely no problems with it.  Unfortunately you cannot use it to make toast but it does everything else very well.

I also have a Breville Smart Oven which I like very much.  This one does make toast and does it well.  You can also do just about anything else so long as you realize that there is a height problem with the oven.  You can't do anything too tall in it.

I have baked bread in both ovens with great success.  I keep the Hamilton Beach because it does have the height inside the oven  to do taller things.  It is not as well insulated as the Breville but it still works very well.  Both ovens also have convection facilities that work.  I fine either of them a good product and well worth purchasing.


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Thanks for the advice everyone.