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Wing and a prayer recipe ask...

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Wing and a prayer recipe ask...

Hello everyone,

Im going to bake a bread with an amount of cheese in it - is there anthing in particular I need to take into account, r.e. dough forming, different rising times etc?


Thanks for reading



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Mini Oven

Grate it?  Melt it?  Cube it?  Mix it into the dough or stick it on top?  Should it melt or stay intact?  Should it spiral inside the loaf or ooze out of the scores?

Sorry to answer a Q with a Q but it might make a difference, then again it probably make more of a difference what kind of cheese you're using.  :)

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Thanks for reading - and hello - I' m going to bake a random loaf with cheese, in sort of small uneven clumps, sultanas in there too, and something else over which I still ponder...


For the dough was thinking white spelt, sweet light and chewy, the crust with me is as always, hit and miss, so i'll go with whatever crust it gives me;-)


Cheese, thought, maybe parmesan, broken into bits, and


something else..hmm...





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I put cheese in bread on a pretty regular basis. I've found that more flavorful cheeses allow you to use less of the cheese and still have good cheese flavor. Parmesan, extra-sharp cheddar, gorgonzola, smoked gouda -- all are good candidates for good flavor without overloading the dough with cheese. This is important because if you put in too much cheese, the dough can get greasy, which is not really pleasant to me. 

I'd incorporate the cheese in the final minute or two of hand-kneading, so that it doesn't get too mushed up in the dough. If you want cheese flavor throughout, shred the cheese. If you want little pockets of melty cheesy goodness, cut the cheese into little cubes, 3/4 of a centimeter or so on a side. 


When the bread bakes, some of the cheese inevitably leaks from the dough and sticks to whatever you are baking the bread on or in. If you are using a baking stone, definitely bake the loaf on parchment paper and not directly on the stone so you don't get grease from the cheese on the stone. 


Have fun and good luck!



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Thanks for the info urchina - its got to be parmesan surely ;-)

All very interesting, i'll try to keep you informed on how it turns out



kind regards