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TFL in the WSJ

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TFL in the WSJ

Yesterday's Wall Street Journal featured a front-page article about sourdough.  About 4 paragraphs in, the writer mentioned The Fresh Loaf as a sourdough site that receives more than 1.25 million page views per month.  Pretty cool for a little site that was started for the love of bread.

Congratulations, Floyd!


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Mini Oven


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yes, there's a thread started yesterday on this over here :)

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Apparently I didn't scroll far enough down the list.  Glad I wasn't the only one to see the mention in the article.

I think it's worthy of two mentions, though.  ;-)


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Thanks, Paul.  It was neat to see there, and those traffic numbers certainly are a testimonial to the kindness and enthusiasm of long-time members like yourself who make it a great site.


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I was just searching for that WSJ article to share with a friend and this site came up.  It looks like a place full of kindred spirits, so I joined.  I'm the person mentioned in the article who had carried my starter literally around the world with me for ten years before arriving here in Quito -- where the housekeeper threw it out. 

I have a new starter now and am happily baking sourdough and the housekeeper now knows the funny smelling stuff in the crock is not rubbish!


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Hi Casey

Welcome to The Fresh Loaf.  You will find lots of keen bakers, both amateur and professional, on this site and all are willing to share their experience and knowledge.  It really is a very good place to be, it is credit to Floyd for providing us with the site.

Sorry about your world-travelled starter but it is good to hear that you have another one to work with.  I'm sure we would love to hear of your worldwide baking adventures.