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Reinhart American Pie book

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Reinhart American Pie book

Hi - both me and a friend have ordered this book from different souces and both have turned up with ragged outside edges to the pages. It's like the pages didn't separate during manufacture and they have been ripped apart by hand. It seemed a bit of coincidence. Is there any chance that the book was supposed to be that way!? Or perhaps there's just a faulty batch floating round the UK.

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The book is supposed to be that way.

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Oh whoops! I got a refund! 



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This is a holdover from the time when adjacent pages were printed on a larger sheet and then folded. To open the pages, you would use an edge knife to open the pages that were folded on the outer edge. Some makers still do that for a "romantic" effect.  Some actually still make their books that way.

Some of the most valuable first editions of old books are copies where the pages haven't been cut open in this manner...