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Chocolate Compound

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Chocolate Compound


I have two slabs of compound - one dark and the other is white. I mistook these bars to be chocolate bars and purchased them!

I wanted to know if I can use these compounds in cakes or pastries...just like chocolate..

Any help would be much, much appreciated!



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for dipping candies?  If it is, you can melt it to drizzle over pastries and cakes as a garnish.  Or you can chop it into small pieces for baking in muffins or cookies (would that be biscuits in India?).  You could always use it for its intended purpose, of course.

I don't know how it might behave if you tried to substitute it for chocolate in a ganache.  Let's just say I'm skeptical about using it in something that relies on chocolate's chemical and physical properties.

Best of luck with your experimentation.


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I tried to use it as ganache once - didn't exactly work (was really hard) and I think it's because it's not pure chocolate. Compound has other things in it to make to good for coatings. It's great for coatings, and chopped up in cookies and breads, but that's about it, in my experience.



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Thanks PM Cool and Kat for dropping in and giving your inputs!

I guess since I am using it for the first time, I was a little skeptical..but will try and hopefully will have some yummy candies/cookies :)