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Mixer ?

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Mixer ?

Looking at purchasing a new mixer.  Any thoughts on the Kitchen Aid v the Cuisinart?  Some bread baking, rolls, cookies and pasta type use.




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If you want to bake bread your best puchase is a Universal Plus Bosch Machine with 800 watts of power behind it! It can Knead 8 loves of bread in less than 10 minutes. I owned one 30 years ago and loved it and sold my bread. Your health will be improved if you grind your own wheat into flour and bake.

 I just puchased a new machine from a member on here. Rhonda is very nice you should email her. She gives you free gifts with each order. KitchenAid only has 550 watts and will freeze up on 2 loaves of bread. Here is Rhonda's email.  She is great to do business with and the Bosch unit is on sale for $359.99. Better than KitchenAid top of the line or Cuisinart. She also lives on a farm that produces it's own organic wheat with no pesticide use. Her wheat is 14% protein for the best rise possible.


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I hereby petition Floyd to post the following phrase, in large letters, across the top of every TFL page:

"A Mixer's Power Rating Is Not a Good Indication of How Well a Mixer Will Perform"

Anyone with me?



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Perhaps as a sticky in the equipment forum?

It's been noted in other mixer threads (available using the TFL search bar) that advertised wattage refers only to INPUT wattage.  It's just a number for marketing purposes and means nothing in terms of performance. 


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LindyD said.  I'll sign.

(Actually my information says to look carefully at how close the dough hook passes by the bowl - but what do I know?)


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A mixers power has nothing to do with the input wattage!! Its what the output wattage is that determines its power! Not a lot of manufacturers like to advertise output wattage and instead only list the input wattage, if a mixer is worth its salt gauranteed it will list the output wattage, even advertising its wattage in output and barely a mention of input.  Any mixer could have an input of 2000 watts but if it has an inefficient motor it and bad power conversion it it may only have an output wattage of 800 making it rubbish for stiff doughs.

Maybe this is why modern KA's burn out quick because a 1000 watts should knead the stiffest of doughs but as their power output isn't 1000 watts, well you know the rest, engine strain, smoke. oil, customer services!

When the input wattage and the output wattage are known you can work out the energy rating or how efficient it is.  In the U.K. we have energy ratings with 'A' being the most efficient and 'F' being the least.  Its about being green and saving the planet these days but it started so you could keep your bills down -

Example- A two fridges (fridge 'A' and fridge 'B') have an input wattage of 2000 watts but fridge 'A' has 1500 watts output power and fridge 'B' has 1000 watts output power. Can you work out which will cost you less to run at 1 degree centigrade for 24 hours?????

Correct - Fridge A, it converts 2000 watts into 1500 wasting only 500 watts and Fridge 'B' converts 1500 watts into 1000 wasting 1000 so fridge a has to do less work over 24 hours to run at 1 degree centigrade and cosequently it uses less electricity costing you less.

This is the reason most electrical appliances come with wattage power just when it comes to mixers they like you to think the higher the input the better the machine.  Now go look at some eco friendly fridges and youll see input and output next to each other, find an 'A' rated fridge and the two numbers should be close together meaning its efficient and dosent waste power or watts!

Any electricians here today?


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Probably not. I am not a new user to Bosch, I've used their products before. Bosch is also well known for making power tools that last 30 years, I know because my husband owns some.

 Rhonda has both KitchenAid(bought it first) and Bosch and can share her experience with KitchenAid breaking down. I have a KitchenAid Food processor and I am not impressed. What other Mixer on the market can knead 8 loaves of bread in 10 minutes and handle that much dough without locking up?

For the person asking the question, make sure you do your research before you buy, If all you want to do is make cakes, you will probably be ok, but if you want to make bread I doubt it. Bocsh does make a smaller mixer for making 2 loaves of bread for less money. It will also do cakes and cookies. It's over 500 watts.

All Bosch mixers have great warranties and attachments to purchase for just about anything. Food Processor, blender,pasta maker and meat grinders,the list goes on.

Don't just go for the glitter in KitchenAid, make sure it meets your needs and will last. These are not just purchases, they are investments in your health.

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For what it's worth, the professional foodies at America's Test Kitchen recommend the Cuisinart 5.5 quart.

Here's what they have to say about it: "In addition to acing its way through heavy tasks like kneading bread and pizza dough and churning cookie batter full of oats, nuts, and dried fruit, (the Cuisinart) offers a host of modern updates—a digital timer with automatic shut-off, a fold function for incorporating ingredients delicately, and a splash guard attachment with a built-in feed tube. It also features a spiral dough hook, which worked more efficiently than most other models to knead dough."

Amazon has it in black for $264 and brushed chrome for $280.

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curvesarein  Check  the Bosch out and email or call for more info.

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I just bought the cuisinart at bed bath and beyond and used a 20% off coupon which made it cheaper than ordering from amazon. I am hoping it is a good mixer, I went with the test kitchens recommendations.


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I hope you like it.

After using it a bit, please post your opinion of your new Cuisinart here at the Fresh Loaf.

What do you plan on mixing first -- or what have you mixed with it already?

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I had a KitchenAid for years that I loved but as my batches of bread got larger and larger it just couldn't handle even though it was an older one ie not the cheaper version they are selling now. I did some research and ended up getting the Cusinart 7 quart stand mixer. I like it because it can handle the bigger batches and has the sheild that keeps ingredients in the bowl instead of slung around the kitchen, but I really think I cheaped out. This one cost right at $400 and if the post above is right I could have gotten the Bosh. When I looked into buying the Bosh at the time I could NOT find the Bosh for less than around $600 with all the attachments I thought I needed. The Cusinart comes with the whip, bread dough hook and paddle at no extra charge. Well there you have my 2 cents for what it's worth.

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Right now the Bosch mixer is $359.99, no tax if ordered on-line. You can get the food processor at a good discount for $29.99. which is what I did, so $389.99.

The Bosch comes with the large dough hook, (can handle 8 loaves of bread), mixing paddles for egg whites and light mixing. I bought the cookie paddles for half price for $14.99. Never had those with my old machine. I think this is for large batches of cookies at a time.

I also bought a used (30) day Nutrimill for $215 to grind my own wheat.

I can't wait for next week when it gets here! Flourgirl on this site is who I bought from and got #15 of her organic wheat free with each order.


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Am guessing you're more confused than ever now, because lots of opinions were offered but no one ever asked you a pertinent question:

Are you looking for a unit that will mix sufficient dough to make a couple of loaves - or ten?

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I actually use the Bosch Universal Plus mixer in my baking business for our local market. I make at least 60- two pound loaves of whole wheat bread in addition to numerous loaves of quick breads, muffins, cakes, bars and more- EACH WEEK and all using my Bosch mixer. I had previously used a KitchenAid Pro 6, but it overheated by kneading only two loaves of bread.

The Bosch can handle up to 15 lbs of dough. I do consistent batches of 8 lbs each only because I only have two hands and have to shape the loaves myself or I would make even a larger batch of dough.  The mixer runs almost constantly during my baking days and is three years old and still going strong. I bought a second Bosch just in case something happened to this one on baking day and so far I haven't had to use it.

There are numerous attachments for the Bosch Universal Plus available also.

If anyone would like a brochure regarding this machine feel free to send me a message on here or visit my site.


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Only will use for light bread use.  Mostly cookies, rolls etc.  Nothing really heavy duty.


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Based on your response, I think you would be very happy with the Bosch Compact.  It has the capacity to mix six pounds of dough - if you ever need such a large amount - and does a great job with smaller amounts.

It is a strong little mixer, reliable, and more "heavy duty" than any of the standard brands such as KA, etc., but the $150 price is not at all heavy duty.

I think it will serve you well - it has a small footprint and you can lift it with one hand. 

Check it out and if you have any questions about it, just ask.  There's a few of us here who own the compact.

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I would say the same thing, the Bosch compact will serve you well. I almost bought that but wanted to make larger quantities for friends who already want to buy from me!

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I have the WonderMill and use it with my Bosch Universal Machine. I want the hand cranked one for emergency use. My parents were Bosch Machine demonstrators more than 30 years ago and mom's machines are still going strong. She averaged more than 30 loaves of whole wheat bread per week. I am the only one who bought a brand new machine, 4 of my siblings found theirs at yardsales. And they all work great.

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A Hobart Kitchenaid K5SS off Ebay for only $62 shipping included. 

It has a couple of paint chips in the base, but it works great and should do the jobs you are expecting to do for many years.