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Baking stone

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staff of life

Baking stone

I got some new baking stones.  Do I season them?  If so, how?  Many thanks!

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> I got some new baking stones. Do I season them?

> If so, how? Many thanks!

Did it come with instructions? The instructions with my HearthStone said to wash it thoroughly with water and a soft scrub brush to remove any ceramic dust left from manufacturing, dry it off, then bake it at 300, 400, and 500 deg.F for a total of 4 hours to drive off any remaining moisture. That is all.


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I seasoned my stones when they were new by baking something on them that was high in fat.  If it has edges, you can make bacon or something really greasy like that (or if no sides to the pan, you can put a pan underneath to catch the drip).  The pan absorbs the fat and becomes more and more no-stick.  And better seasoned.  But just by using them they'll become seasoned.  :)

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No need to season them. Most baking stones are made of either clay of some kind, or (the better ones) of cordierite, which is the same stuff used in commercial deck ovens and ceramic kilns.

I've just washed my new stones with warm water, scrubbing them with a stiff brush to get rid of any loose dust/debris. The pre-heat in the oven to 550 will get rid of any excess moisture.