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Triying to find a nice big wooden board for hand kneading

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Triying to find a nice big wooden board for hand kneading

I'm hoping someone knows where to find a nice "big" (3 feet x 2 feet or so) wood board for kneading. I'm trying to learn by hand versus mixer, and formica is too sticky. Hoping wood is better...

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I use a tavolini board (24"x28"x3/4"), available through the Baker's Catalog at:

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get yourself a 24" x 30" piece of 1/2" plywood at any home supplies store (they'll cut it to size for a couple of bucks), then use tile mastic or epoxy to glue 1/2" marble tiles to the board, getting them as close together as possible. Marble is a *much* better kneading surface than wood, and you can do the whole thing for less than $15.

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Can you get the tiles close enough that flour doesn't get between them?

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In my old house, I used to have granite countertops, but the new place doesn't. I went to a gravestone place and got a piece of 2" granite that is 30X30. It doen'st move far, but is great to use for working with dough. I'd never use anything else.

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You can grout them with mastic, cement, epoxy, plaster .... anything deramic. The only thing I wouldn't use is a vinyl tub grout or something like that.

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You might want to check with a local countertop fabricator who handles Swanstone and see if they can get you a reasonable-sized piece of .400" countertop sheet (they might have some as scrap). I have been working directly on my Swanstone countertop and it seems perfect for artisan prepartion - it is smooth enough that everything comes up with a plastic scraper, but has just enough tooth that the dough sticks enough to stretch nicely. It is food safe and can be cleaned with any reasonable cleaner. A lot lighter than a chunk of freestanding granite too!


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Go to and scroll down until you see Pastry Board. I bought the larger one. It is very well made and I love it  !!!  :) :) :)