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English Muffins

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English Muffins

I am looking for a source for English Muffins Rings. The one piece Tuna cans don't work out any more.

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Possibly local(and online): Sur la Table


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Trishinomaha is a great site for all type of baking pans and tools. I have ordered successfully from them before. also carries them:


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wayne on FLUKE

I make English Muffins regularly (Joy of Cooking recipe, method from

If you look at the site you can see how they are rounded into balls, then flattened. This works really great and I think the slight irregularities add character.

Give it a try.


English Muffins, no rings

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Split one open. Do they have a ton of nooks and crannies that we're looking for? As Thomas' does?



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You know, I stopped buying Thomas' English Muffin for a long while (only because I couldn't justify spending full price even though I loved their flavor). But now I'm able to buy them for as cheap as the generic brands.

I thought it was me - didn't taste right. Then I read one of the comments on the NY Times article about the court saga involving a former CEO (Botticella), the company that now owns Thomas' (Bimbo - yes, Bimbo - Bakeries) and the accusation about a supposedly stolen recipe.  The person writing the comment states that the recipe was changed years ago - that it lost it's previously tangy flavor.

Right on the money! That's what it's been missing, and I bet it's sourdough based, or at least given some time for a longer cool rise. Logical to figure that one out. (secret recipe; give me a break!)

The article is worth glancing at if only for the laugh when you read "Bimbo Bakeries" and "Botticella" (will "Botticella Breaks Bimbo Bakeries" be the headline after the case is finished?) and about the possible SNL skits.


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wayne on FLUKE

Hi Rick,

Couldn't split one of those open since they were long gone. Made a new batch this week that I managed to remember to get a crumb shot on. Also happened to have a Thomas' for comparision. I sliced these with a serated knife instead of fork splitting them to try to give a truer look at the interior structure.

Wayne's English Muffins

Tasted just as good as they look!

The next pic shows both one of mine and one of Thomas' for comparision. The Thomas' is slighltly smaller (about 55g vs 65g for mine). I had 900 grams of dough and scaled into 12 muffins at about 75 grams each. Also note Thomas' is much lighter in color and I can tell you it had a lot less flavor.

I mixed this batch for about 15 mins in my bread machine on the dough cycle. This reduced the temptation to add extra flour. The dough is quite sticky but after the stretch and folds has good strength and doesn't collapse when I handle them to move into the skillet. Then they puff up really nice in the skillet.

I am still struggling to make other breads that I am satisfied with, but I feel like I got these down.

wayne (not sure if it helps but my last name happens to be THOMAS!)


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The Bald One

I use a 4" sheet metal elbow. cleaned and oiled. Makes a nice egg size muffin. You can pick one up in Lowes or Home Depot

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Thanks. I've been wondering if a hardware store would have some type of stainless steel ring that would be suitable for the task. I also like my muffins a little larger than the typical em. More of a bun.

How much were they? Thanks.

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I have found the short pineapple cans work because you can cut out both ends.  Terry

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Great idea - I'm going to try this. Haven't made English muffins yet, but I'm getting inspired by reading this, and the other English muffin threads here.