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Where to buy KA flour in Bulk?

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Where to buy KA flour in Bulk?

Hello everyone! This is my very first forum post, so I'dl ike to introduce myself. My name is BJ, I am a full time college student studying Ceramic scultpure and have recently taken up baking all of my very small families bread. My family consisting of my boyfriend, myself, and Zora the ferret.

Allora! My question is this: Where on earth can I buy bulk King Aruther flour? Is it even worth it? I've been going through a lot of flour with trial and error on recipes recently. I tried to Price "Artisan" King arthur flour and it was 6.40 USD per five pounds, only in a fifty pound bag. I usually pay 4.50 USD for KA bread flour five pounds as well as whole wheat. I was thinking maybe the "Artisan" title is making it more expensive. I would really just like to stick to unbleached bread, and whole wheat flour. I checked Sams club, which does have fifty pound bags of brands I've never heard of for 25.00 but I am not willing to risk buying terrible flour. Any suggestions?



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I buy KA Sir Lancelot High Gluten from a local food distributor here is Southern Maine.  Most will gladly sell to the public right over the counter.  Just be sure you have a good storage vessel as 50 lb bags do last a while and will attract moisture and bugs.

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where in southern Maine, and the name of the company and address? Thank



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I bought a membership to BJ's when my first son was born (great coupons and cheap diapers) In the past 5 years or so however the cost of un-bleached flour REALLY saved me money! I buy my king arthur unbleached all purpose flour for around 5-6$ for a 10 pound bag (I believe its 10 pounds?) In my local grocery marts the same type of flour in a regular sized bag costs about $4-5.

As "alconnell" posted buying in really large quantities you have to worry about deterioration of quality. I use my 10 pounds in around or under a month but I can not imagine storing 50 pounds safely.

I use primarily un-bleached all purpose because of the drastic cost difference but mix bread flour or whole grains into the recipe. I've never actually seen coupons or discounts for king arthur products besides at their online retail site and then you have to pay for shipping. 

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There is a wholesale restaurant supply firm in Houston that carries bulk KA flour. They mainly sell to restaurants but will also sell to the public.

Euromid Incorporated, 1110 Seamist Dr, Houston, TX 77008 (713) 880-1900

Don't know if they'll ship. I buy 50 lb bags of General Mills Harvest King at a ridiculously low price ($8.50 per bag as I recall).

They have a lot of other baking and chef supplies. The Borges Olive Oil from Spain that they carry is outstanding for the price.

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I heard many years ago that putting several aromatic bay leaves in a paper lunch bag and placing on top of your storage container will keep bugs away.  I have been storing whole unground grain this way for years and never had a bug problem, although my 65 degree basement temp probably helps too.  Has anyone else heard of this?

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There is a list of distributors on the website.  Here in Los Angeles, I can buy 50 pound bags of Sir Lancelot, Special Patent, and Sir Galahad for under $20/bag.  The Queen Guinevere cake flour is more expensive at about $46 per 50-pound bag.


So, it is far less expensive to buy the 50 pound bag if you bake a lot.  And, as for storage, I keep the flour in big plastic bins I bought at a restaurant supply store.  What doesn't fit in the bins goes into unused beverage coolers (in plastic bags) in the garage.  I have never had a problem with bugs.  I usually go through 250-300 pounds of various flours all year.

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I am in Los Angeles.   Can you tell me where you find such a deal on King Arthur?  Also, can you tell me what the variety of King Arthur you buy is suitable for?  Is it like bread flour or is it lower in protein like all-purpose flour?  Thank you

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I go to Goldberg & Solovy in Vernon to get the 50-pound bags of flour.  I haven't been there since January.  At that time, they carried Sir Lancelot (hi Gluten flour that I use for pizza dough); Sir Galahad (which is kind-of all-purpose flour but slightly higher in protein than typical AP flour) and Special Patent flour (which is their commercial version of bread flour).  All of these were under $20 for 50-pounds.  They didn't carry any of the organic King Arthur flours which disappointed me.

But, they did carry an Organic bread flour (but I forget the brand name but it was great).  That was about $25 per 50-pound bag.  I got two bags of that and they are both gone now.

They will happily sell you any of these flours (or what they have on hand now) but you have to order a total of $100 in stuff.  Now, since the flour is so inexpensive, I usually round-up my order by ordering a case of San Pelligrino or a case of canned tomatoes or something like that.  They also carry organic fresh chickens by Mary's Chickens, so, that may be something you might also be interested in if you have a freezer.

Just call them and tell them you would like to place an order, and they will have it ready for you when you pick it up.  You have to bring cash.  I've found them to be extremely friendly.  Here in LA, they are used to having small businesses place very small orders.  

The last time I was there, the guy at the pick-up window told me about the guy before me who was picking up Sir Lancelot PLUS Queen Guinevere (cake flour)...hmmm!  The guy claimed that the combination of the two flours made the best pizza crust possible and that his customers raved about it.  I haven't tried that combination but I thought it was an interesting one.

They are online and you can see almost everything they carry.  The link is :  Or do a Google search for them!  Good Luck!


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macZiggy, by any chance would you be located in the West Los Angeles vicinity and interested in making a purchase together to top the 100.00 minimum requirement?

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I'm all set with flour until the Fall as my bread baking virtually stops in the summer.  But check out some of the other things they sell and you will be surprised how fast you can spend $100.

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I just checked the Goldberg & Solovy website and they now list several of the King Arthur ORGANIC flours in 50# bags--Artisan Organic, Whole Wheat Organic and White Whole Wheat Organic.  

I will definitely call them on Monday to see what the prices are on these flours.

They also carry Sperry Organic bread flour that is $25ish a bag an part of Gold Medal.  

Here's a link to the flour they sell:

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Here in SE PA, our local Giant supermarket periodically puts 5 lb. sacks of King Arthur on sale for $2.29 (regular price $4.99). I've taken to stocking up and stashing flour in the freezer. (It's a small freezer, so I keep ~50 lbs. in it at most.)


It's been suggested that one allow a sack to thaw before removing it from its zip lock freezer bag, to prevent the paper from being dampened by condensation, so that's what I do.

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I buy King Arthur flour through a co op for around  $35 for a 50 pound bag of Sir Lancelot.

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A few years ago I read an article in Savaur (spelling wrong i know) and it gave a recipe for pizza using regular flour. Don't remember if it was AP or Bread but what I do remember was that it also used cake flour. I thought that strange and searched everywhere for some other mention. Never found it. Until now. Comment is found written by macZiggy. 

i have used by leaf for my dry goods also. Never had a problem. I put a few leaves right in the flour, rice, beans, whatever. 



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Dawn Food Products seems to have a distibution center in almost every state and intl. I get KA Special Patent (bread flour) and Sir Lancelot flour from them in NJ. <$20 for 50lb bags.

They don't have a full product list online but you can request one be sent to you. Or just ask on the phone if they have the brands you're looking for.

Just call your local location to place your order, you'll have to pick up at their warehouse and pay cash for small orders. That's what I do!