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Wooster Street New Haven CT

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wood fired greg

Wooster Street New Haven CT

I owe it all to luck to live 20 minutes away from two of the countries if not the worlds best pizza places both on Wooster Street in New Haven, Connecticut. Sally's Pizza and Pepe's Pizza. Both make ledgendary brick oven pies. If you google them you will probably fine a long history of rivalry on just which one makes the best pizza.

Pepes makes a fresh  white clam pizza with clams garlic basil olive oil no mozz. It is outstanding. Now Sallys on the hand overall is my favorite with their large pizzas barly fitting on a large rectangle tray. No frills. No plates, nothing but pizza, beer and soda. Sallys makes a native tomato pie or a summer special which is fresh tomato, zuchini, and onion. We like to get a white pie with mozz and balck olives. Simply amazing.

 My oven is different than all the rest as it serves   two puposes. 6 weeks out of the year I boil down sap into pure maple syrup. That was the original intent but when buildiing it out of fire brick I soon realized that it could have another use with a little modifying. During syrup season its 2'w x 4' long with a 10' stack coming out of the rear of the arch. During the remainder of the year, the rear 2' are sealed off with block and firebrick and the top is capped off with firebrick cemented onto tw pieces of blustone. Two pieces to keep it managable so I can remove them. I then built a section that houses the stack. The whole front is finished off with decorative block.  I'll get some photos posted to better show what I've done



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LuLu B

i love pepe's white clam

ps they use a coal oven