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"Trapped" Dough - Impasti Spiral Mixer

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"Trapped" Dough - Impasti Spiral Mixer

I have an Impasti single-speed spiral mixer (model S-18) and wonder if anyone has any experience with these mixers? I got it used with no documentation and there's nothing to be found on the web (that I've found anyway). Generally it's working quite well but I have a number of questions about it. One question has to do with the spiral hook which pulls part of the wet dough I'm mixing up the hook and traps it within the hook spinning around making me think it's not getting mixed very well into the rest of the dough. I periodically stop the mixer to pull the dough off the hook. Anyone seeing this in their spiral mixers?


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I don't have one of these mixers but I'm considering buying a used one.  I was wondering what information you could give me about your experience with this mixer.  Is the dough constantly getting trapped and not mixing well?  I would really appreciate any info you could give me because, as you noted in 07' there is very little information about these mixers on the web.  Thank you very much.  Braden Gow