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DLX 9000

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DLX 9000

I think I ought to have mentioned this separate from my post about the Bosch Compact.

I have a DLX 9000 for sale. It which comes with the roller, scraper and dough hook.

I bought it on eBay about 3 months ago & have used it 3 times. It is much too big and heavy for me - I have to stand on tiptoe to look into the bowl when it is on my counter.

It is in excellent condition & works perfectly. I bought it for $ 277 & would sell it for the same plus shipping. Patsy

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How far it has to travel would affect shipping costs somewhat. 

Was it new or 'refurbished' when you got it?

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The 9000 is an older model, I don't know how old. It was bought used, but had no signs of wear or abuse and, as I said has been used 3 times since I bought it. I used to be 5' 1/2", but that was many decades ago & it is altogether too big for me and my kitchen. The baby Bosch is more my size.

It is a 450W model with the roller, scraper, dough hook and bowl cover. The timer and speed controls both work perfectly, and there is no sign of wear on the roller.

The newer models have a slightly different casing and the most recent model has 600W. All models will knead 7# flour and up to 15# dough. The batches I made were 5-6# with no problem.

It is fairly heavy, so I would think shipping would be ~ $25. I live on the Oregon Coast. Patsy

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Jon Morrison

My 7qt Viking died yesterday, ended making 8+lbs of bread dough the old fashion way.  I bake over a dozen 2lb loaves of sour dough a week and sale to the locals.


Thanks Jon

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The DLX will easily cope with the amount you are baking. They are very sturdy machines & last for decades.

In the time I used it, it never even got warm. It is very quiet & stable & has no tendency to walk on the counter.

DLX's are made in Sweden & most of the changes over many years have been cosmetic - the manufacturer has brought out a new model this year, they state 'internal design & functionality are identical' to the model that is being phased out. The new finish costs $50 more.

I can send photos to your email but have never mastered posting them on TFL.  Patsy

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I am interested in your mixer and I live fairly close to also an Oregonian. Not exactly sure how to proceed as am new to TFL.      thanks.  


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Hi Bakerjane, I sent you a message with my email address if you are interested.  Patsy

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Hi Patsy..

Just sent you an email about the mixer, with my email address and phone number.

Thanks.    bakerjan


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Hi I am from England.

If I had a mixer that worked perfectly for me except that I could not see into the top of the bowl I would use it on a lower table eg a coffee table or stool or get someone to make me a lower worktop rather than get rid of it.

New mixers are not as good as old ones.

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Hi, I agree. But the Bosch compact was cheaper than a kitchen remodel!

I am from Scotland and we count those pennies.  Patsy

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T 2403


do you still have your mixer?  I am very interested.


Please let me know @