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Oh no! Pizza success!?

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Oh no! Pizza success!?

My first pizza was a success, what a disaster! It seems an oxymoron. Success on the first try? How can that be bad? I’m concerned that I may have jinxed myself, that all further attempts at pizza dough may now be futile. Of course, I still keep trying, recreating, revamping and otherwise attempting to improve both on my skills and the recipes I find. Of course, sometimes I screw up, but usually I have something edible.

Pizza is one of my favorite foods. If I were to live on two things for the rest of my life it would be chili and pizza, of course, I do request the ability to make endless permutations of each! This recipe was collected with others from the internet (thanks be to Google). Unfortunately, I can no longer find the website so I will consider it a serendipitous event…something I needed just then, and there it was.

The recipe yields only one 10


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Congrats on your first pizza success (even if it does set the standard high). :-) I too am on a never-ending journey toward better and better homemade pizza. Pizza dough is something I really love to make because it is very forgiving and uncomplicated. Where did you get your stone? I have been considering purchasing one. My little cookie sheets serve me well in pizza baking, but I think I've fully explored their crust potential. I just posted my newly-tweaked pizza dough recipe on my blog if you wish to read and/or use it.

If I had to live on only two foods for the rest of my days, I would also choose pizza as one of them. My second would be macaroni and cheese, another of my favorite things to experiment with. That's my holy grail--the perfect homemade macaroni and cheese that does NOT require processed cheese like Velveeta. I found a really good chili recipe (uses cinnamon and poblano peppers to give it a good smoky flavor) but I can't make it very often as my stomach doesn't respond well to the ingredients. :)

Good luck on your search for the perfect pizza!

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But I have to admit my pizza stone is from a cheapo $4.00 set from Target. I'm sure it won't last forever, but until I find one I want to invest in, it's been doing pretty well for the last few weeks. I'll be sure to check out your recipe and get back to you!

I do like Mac n' cheese too, but I pretty much stick to the Kraft boxed stuff! Except when I'm feeling experimental...which is often, actually!