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With a great deal of motivation...

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With a great deal of motivation...

Can you get a long way? Who knows. At least, I've signed up here, and have my first loaf rising right about next to me. I probably don't have the right flour, as it's those especially for cookies and cakes. Plus, I have to figure out what 375 degrees on this site is. Is that in Fahrenheit? How much is that in Celsius? And how do I figure out what my oven can do? (I mean, it goes from 1-->8 but doesn't show °C). I wonder how the baker I go to would think about me if I turn up with it and ask "what went wrong!".

Too many questions and so little answers. Just because I saw Yakitate Japan and wanted to make bread like Azuma :p Well, I bet this bread making is just going to be a passing "fad", like I went through many. I suppose it all depends on how succesful this bread will be. Or it's successor. At least I'm learning stuff. Yesterday at the supermarket we went "Wow!" at the Echiré butter we found. High Quality Butter! I wonder if there are a lot of girlz/women that make bread.

Anyhow, signing off now, wish me luck!


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It is very unusual to bake bread in Japan, isn't it? Bread baking has been done since man first harvested wild grain. Try using a medium setting. Keep the same time to bake. Check it every 20 minutes. If taking too long or too fast. Increase or decrease your oven setting next time. You should do just fine! Your engish is very good! Keep up the good work! American women have been baking bread and our American Indians before them! You'll do just fine! Larry

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Yes, the 375 is in Fahrenheit. You can type "375 fahrenheit in centigrade" into Google to get the conversion (about 190 C). If your oven just does 1 to 8 though, I'd see if I could find a little thermometer to place in your oven. I know I can find one here very cheaply, under 10 dollars.

Harder, higher protein flour tends to make better bread, but all-purpose flour usually can make something decent.

Good luck! Let us know how it turns out.

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Well, the bread did turn out fine! Crust is a big too thick/hard, but bread is great :) Not that bad for a newbie! Heheee!!