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Storage of Large Quantities of Flour

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Storage of Large Quantities of Flour

Since you folks helped me out in my quest to find good Bread books.  I figured I might as well ask for your help again.  I have quite a large quantity of flour's, and have been storing them inside of their fifty pound bags, in plastic storage totes.  Now after reading some of my newly purchased books, I find that they suggest storing them in a freezer so they dont go rancid. 

I dont know if it matters, but I have 3 main tyes of flour,

1) Knoxbridge Mills- Premium Spring Wheat Flour, For Artisan Bakers,  Unbleached, Unbromated.

2)General Mills- Gold Medal, All Trumps, Bakers, High Gluton, Enriched Bromated Flour, Bleached.

3)Progressive Baker- Fancy First Clear Flour, Spring Clear Flour

Now I just finished putting 150 pounds of flour into 1 gallon freezer bags, and then insde a large tote in my chest freezer. But before I cut open any more fifty pound bags I was wondering how you folks store your flour?  And what kind of shelf life do you get out of them?



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how much are you baking? 50lb bags? i have been sticking to picking up a couple of 5 lb'ers 2 times a week and it has been great. no huge storage issues, and i have plenty of flour on hand. i generally do about 10lbs of dough per bake, to give you an idea of my quantity.

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I aquired the large quantity at Auction from a Bakery that closed, and liquidated.  I am going through about 40-50 cups a week right now.  I just didnt want any to go bad if I could help it.  Because I use it kinda slow, it will be some time before I can go through it all.  So was just looking for anybody else who may store their flour a certain way.