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low carb bread

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low carb bread

My doctor has me on the sureslim supervised diet and I am allowed no more than 19 carbs in my bread per day.  I can't stand to purchase bread since I have been making it for 37 years.  I'm not diabetic.  sourdough is not really a favorite, so I am hoping someone out there can help me with a recipe suggestion. 


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Most carb controlled diets allow you to subtract the fiber grams from the carbs for "net carbs".  So boost the whole grains and other sources of fiber in your breads and you can do it. 

I'd go for some mostly whole grain recipes and perhaps add flax or bran to increase the fiber.  You can also add sourdough starter (about 30% of the total flour weight)  to lower the glycemic load but the sourdough won't necessarily affect the flavor when used that way.  It also increases the shelf life of the bread and improves the texture a bit. 

If you experiment a bit you will probably find something to satisfy your "bread tooth". 

Another trick is to cut your slices very thin.  An electric knife makes this easier. 

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I bake at my local Great Harvest a few days a week and we happen to have a low-carb bread that utilizies whole grains, tofu, wheat germ, flax and so on that actually taste pretty good. Perhaps you could check out your local Great Harvest, see if they offer it and try and adapt a bread recipe from what you taste!