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I've been searching for bread bowl recipes and have not been so successful. Somehow, the recipes that I came across  don't seem foolproof and I have no confidence baking them. I've found many recipes on this site super reliable and if someone can share a good recipe for bread bowls, it'd be much appreciated. Winter is approaching and my family would love to slurp our soup from a bread bowl. Also a recipe for kugelhoph is much more appreciated. Thank you to all who respond to this.

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i'm very new to you site and found such great inspirations to bake more bread varieities. being a homemaker (at the moment), and mother of a boy aged 13, i seem to have more time to experiment with new recipes and i love baking breads. i tried your recipe "my daily bread" and the result was overwhelming. my son has requested that i try the pretzels and i will in a little while. i am so encouraged to try all the favourite recipes listed. thank you for that wonderful tips as well. i took your tips on pizza making and boy, didn't i have the best dough ever!
tks so much

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