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After a year trying to make something like the bread you buy at the baker's I had given up.

I use a bread maker to produce dough then bake in the oven as the results are better, but I still end up with very dense bread even if I let the dough rise for an hour after the machine has finished.

Anyway, today I made dough and had to go out just after the machine had finished. Before I left I took out the dough, punched it down and put it into my baking pan then left it outside in the spring sunshine covered with a damp cloth. Three hours later when I got back I baked the massive lump of dough hanging out of the pan.

The result was the best bread I have ever baked. It was light and airy I couldn't believe the contrast with my previous results.

So my advice is to wait. Punch the bread down after the first hour of rise then wait another three!

Yeah I know, it's a long time but worth it.

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