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For each cup of flour called for in your recipe:

1 Table soy flour

1 Table nonfat dry milk powder

1 Table wheat germ


Fill the remainder of cup with flour and it's instantly healthier for you!  Or so says my mother's hippie friends ;)

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2 Cup boiling H2O

1 Cup rolled oats

2 1/2 teasp salt

1/2 tablep butter

1/2 Cup honey or molasses

1/3 Cup warm H2O

2 packets active dry yeast

6 Cups white flour


Bring water to boil.  Turn off and add oats, butter and honey.  Let stand for 20 minutes.  Put yeast in the 1/3 C warm water and let rise double.  Add yeast to other ingrediants and then flour.  Beat and knead - May need a little more flour.  Let rise until double in bulk or more.  Make into two loaves.  Let rise until good shaped loaf.  Make in 325 degree oven for 45 min or brown.

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I tried this recipe for our bread during the week and had a hard time with it crubling later on.  After eating a sandwich I would have a lap covered in crumbs!  The taste is alright, and the texture stayed pretty soft (minus the crumbs!) so it's something I would like to continue to try. 

The change that I made was I used half all purpose flour and half whole wheat flour instead of bread flour.  I'm sure I broke a huge baking rule there, but perhaps that is the reason why my bread ended up the way that it did.  Perhaps next time I should just button down and go get the bread flour.

Again, I have pictures but I can't upload them right now.

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I used this link for my cinnamon rolls this past weekend and wanted to comment on what I experienced.

Everything turned out very well except the filling was so much like a liquid that it wouldn't stay put while rolling up, so most of that ended up on the counter top.  I think my problem was that the butter was too soft and warm after mixing in the sugar and the cinnamon.  Next time I will try to keep it firmer.

The other thing that I noticed is that the topping is not what I was expecting.  I didn't like the acidity of the lemon juice and would have much prefered cream cheese topping. 

I was thinking that since the rolls themselves worked so well I could just eat them with some butter and it was wonderful.  I've kept them in the fridge and they warm up quickly in the microwave.  Never have I made something so soft and delicious.  I was very impressed with the 'bread' part of this recipe and will continue to use it.

All my picture files are the wrong size so they won't upload but hopefully I'll be able to learn about how to fix that soon!  I have a great picture of the cinnamon rolls I want to post.

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I'm rather new to the bread making, I've only made three loaves so far but I have a question.  I do not know what to do after punching down.  I'll punch the dough and it sinks in the bowl and then I quickly put it on a floured surface and try to 'shape it' as high and round as I can get it.

I bake the loaves on a pizza stone in the oven so I usually just flour a cutting board and let the dough rise it's last rise, and then transfer.  However, my loaves aren't as high as I would like them to be.  They aren't flat, but I want them to be a bit 'poofier'.  After I punch the dough down, can I knead it again and then shape it?  Or will that ruin the 'air bubbles'?

I finished lesson two last night and have wonderful bread. I just finished a PB&J sandwhich I had for lunch and it was quite tasty.  I also had some chease toast with it this morning that was wonderful!

Any advice anyone can give me will be much appriciated!

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So I love blogging and I've recently discovered break baking.  Today I have discovered this website, and it's everything I could want :)  Blogging and bread!  I wanted to be more self sufficent with my food and I would love nothing more than to not pay $3.00 for bread each week when I can make it myself for half that. 

I started my first loaf after an article that I read about how to make artisan bread in five minutes a day.  It was on the website. Well, me being the beinning baker and all didn't understand that yeast has to foam up before you can use it.  So, needless to say, it didn't pan out so well.  (Can you check out all the inuendos in that sentance?!)  I started another batch and let the yeast do it's magic before hand and it worked much better.  I also found that I like kneading the bread, I really like to get my hands dirty and feel what I'm working with.  Today I have free time (no gym for me tonight it's my off night this week) so I'm going to try lesson number two on this website and add some sugar and milk to my loaf to see how it works out.  I'm also going to put wheat flour on my grocery list so I will have some healthier options to work with.  Can't wait to update with how well it turns out!



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