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Hi baker friends,

I have a question for you. How do you feel about burnt loaves? I read a quote in Dan Lepard's The Handmade Loaf said by Johan Sorbergs, a baker in Stockholm, saying that "Today burnt crusts are viewed as deadly at worst... But without the penetrating effect of the browning and charring, the crumb flavor is thin." Is it true that to get a better crumb flavor the crust has to be nearly burnt? Or does the burnt crust ruin the whole bread?

I asked this question in my blog when I tried out one of Jim Lahey's recipes:

Thanks for your sharing your knowledge!


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What is the best artisan bread school in the world?

I'm guessing it's in France, but I can't find ratings anywhere.

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Hello Fresh Loaf!

I'm writing to invite everyone here to read my blog! I am a beginner artisan home baker, and I've been learning by myself through books, youtube videos, and experience. I have been doing some research with several famous baking books and I'll be posting my reviews for them. Check it out! I'll soon write more substantial posts here as well.

I love this community!

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