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Hi, I'm new with bread baking and I've learned a lot from the information on this site! One main problem I seem to be having is my breads are coming out too dry. Due to space limitations and the volume of breads I want to make, I'm using batter recipes. I've made cinnamon raisin, herb parmesan, rye and banana. I've used quite a few taste tasters and they're all telling me the flavor is good on all the breads, but they're coming out a little dry. I added a little yogurt to the cinnamon raisin and was told it was too heavy and dry (is that possible??). I added more water and less flour to the herb parmesan and it came out too heavy. The recipe I have for the rye is wet so that one came out a little heavy because it was too wet. I use the hot pan in the bottom of the oven for moisture the first 5-10 minutes the bread is baking. I keep the oven at the temperature the recipe calls for. I don't want to put it any higher because the breads are already coming out pretty brown. Is there a water to flour ratio that would help? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. --Julie

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