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My first post.  Apologies in advance to those who need specific measurements. I don't measure and make my bread "instinctively."  I used Raisin Bran flakes and orange juice to make a yeast starter.  Added a little sugar each day for 5 days.  Put it in fridge and forgot about it.  Took it out, added a little sugar and at days end when it was bubbling again, made an excellent loaf.  Because I like moist, rich bread and do not want to have to knead dough, I mixed some starter with warm water, sugar, a pinch of commercial yeast, half a stick of melted butter, and enough flour to make sticky dough that just begins to pull away from bowl. Dumped into well greased loaf pan, brushed with butter and covered overnight to rise.  In the morning, I baked in 400• oven 20 minutes.  Mmmm Mmmmm good. Preparation took 10 minutes.  An almost effortless way to make moist, dense, spongy homemade bread with a wonderful yeast smell. I can't guarantee you'll get my results, but it works for me. 

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