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Hi! Everyone!  I am new to this and need some help.  I want to make German Soft Pretzels and it calls for 1C of Bread flour. (3C's All Purpose Flour)  Now I understand I think the higher the proteens means it reacts better with the yeast.  So my normal flour is Wheat Flour and has 16.64% proteens. Which I use like all purpose flour in the USA.  I went out and bought another flour which I was told was for bread and it has 17.36% proteens.  When I made bread in the USA I bought Bread Flour which is no big deal.  Here, everything is a big deal, believe me.  I even have learned to make Choc. pudding from scratch and it is a lot of work but Gee! I forgot just how good stuff taste when I was a kid and mom made it from scratch.  So, what do I do?  Are both flours good enough to use or make bread, or should I use the 17.36% proteen flour?  Please help, you all seem to know what you are doing when it comes to flour.  Thanks Jim

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