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I have   been  working  on a distinct tasting  bread  which tasts like  stuffing  u use  on of the  unique  things  i do is  soaking  some pickling spice  in hot water  over night,, then i use  the  strained  water  for my bread,, adding,,,2  T  olive oil, 2 T vinegar  to make  1  1/2 C liquid,,,,, innthe  liquid  i add,, 2 T  dehy onion.. 1 t  sage...1/2 t  poultry  seasoning,,,1 t  celery seed,1 t black pepper, ,,  1 1/2 t salt,,,,,soak  all the seasonings  overnight,,, then  add  3  c flour,,,2 1/4  t yeast,,, i use a a breadman  machine,,, try it,,,,,indianabob  (grower of  fine  weeds  and a few  hostas)

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