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I've been taking bread making classes at our local Community college.

Since I LOVE Japanese style bread, I googled it and found your I decided to try your Tangzhong bread recipe.

Followed your recipe carefully and was very happy with the results...I ended up making 6 small loves with 2 "buns" in each one....the bread is soft and texture so husband and I ate 1 loaf as soon as it got out of the oven.

When I returned to my baking class this past week, I mentioned the tangzhong "method"...they had never heard of it...

The only thing I worry about is burning out my mixer...The first time I made it, I used the wisk and then switched to the dough hook.  This time I left the wisk on but ran it at a slower speed.

What attachment do you recommend?  Wisk or dough hook?

Thank you for this wonderful site!


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