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How long has it been since anyone has thought of the Tassajara bread book? I actually have a 1978, twenty first printing, copy of what to me back then was the ultimate zen bread bible. Much water has flowed under the bridge, I've left bread baking, come back to it, on may occasions. I have started and done away with more sourdough starters than I can count. Now I'm back baking with a vengence, obsessing over artisan style loaves, no knead 1869 recipes, growing a starter that is being very generous to me. For the last six months I've been baking all my families bread. Hubby loves it, the kids like certain things like French bread, pass on the seven grain, gobble the cinnamon buns, devour grandma's bun recipe but still look longingly at their favourite cardboard foam bread when we pass it in the supermarket. I figure another 3 months and they will stop. They are getting more adventerous; they are beginning to realize we won't be going back.

What has promted this rennaisance? Heath issues that force me to retire? Turning 50? Being concerned about what goes into our food? What ever it is, I love my homecoming. I am having fun.

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