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Throughout my life I have baked only about 5 loaves of bread using a breadmaker. The last loaf I baked was a wholemeal loaf, using the bread machine, and it was a disaster. All the coarse grains had sunk to the bottom of the loaf, which was a little soggy, and the top was dry. It had been more than 10 years since I have baked anything, and I decided to give wholemeal a go again after reading Peter Reinhart's receipe for a 100% wholemeal loaf.


Need more practice with folding...

Very dense loaf. I was disappointed upon seeing how dense it was, as the pictures of bread made using Peter Reinhart's receipe did not look like this. But a bit of searching revealed that the loaf was like that because I used coarse flour. Our supermarket sells finely ground wholemeal flour as well, and I decided to buy a bag of that next time.

It took twice or thrice as long to toast well, and had to be sliced very thinly.

Once toasted, it was very crunchy and tasted very nutty and wholesome though.

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