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Woodside, NY April 17, 2012 – All Natural Products’ Davidovich Bakery has filed state and Federal Complaints seeking that Dunkin Brands dba Dunkin Donuts “cease and desist” the use of the ad campaign identifying it’s bagel products as “Artisan Bagels”. The complaints, filed with the Federal Trade Commission and NYS Attorney General assert: For Dunkin Donuts to use the term “Artisan” as the cornerstone of their campaign is patently deceptive and misleading to the public. The term is used to increase the marketability of the product by applying a label to it that does not match the characteristics of the manufacturing of the product. It creates the perception that their products are produced by hand, using traditional methods in small quantities. This is not the case. In addition to deceiving the public, the campaign devalues and dilutes the value of true Artisan products like those produced by our company and thousands of Artisan Bakers around the country. The public, as a result of the campaign, will cease to understand the true meaning of the term and its proper application-this is cause for great confusion and harm. 

Davidovich Bakery’s complaints seek an immediate cessation (within seventy-two hours) of the use of the term Artisan in association with their bagels including all television commercials, video features, print media, in and out of store advertising, internet databases, search engine optimization databases and similarly situated material. 

The complaints also demand a statement be issued acknowledging that these retractions have been accomplished and that no further use of the term will be used to describe their bagel products.

All Natural Products Davidovich Bakery is one of the leading bakers and distributors of Artisan Baked goods, including the world famous Davidovich Bagels. For further information, contact Marc Fintz at 212-391-2870.

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