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Whipped up a few loaves of bread for our annual Christmas Eve open house. These included my second sourdough loaf which was much improved over my first attempt. Of note, based on some hints from this site, I had moved my starter toward a much drier starter, then mixed the dough in the evening and popped the dough into the fridge for about 14 hours for the primary. I pulled it out and let it warm up, then gently folded a few times and proofed for about 4 hours at room temp before baking. Results were a nice chewy crumb with a gentle sourness that was quite lovely and not at all overpowering—perfect!

Here are the breads, left to right Potato Rosemary Bread from BBA, Pain a l'Anncienne from BBA, and a simple 65% hydration lean dough using my sourdough starter.

And sliced in a bowl.

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Just finished my first "sourdough" loaf. Or maybe I should say "naturally leavened" 'cuz it sure isn't sour! I made a starter 5 days ago, feeding daily, and it certainly leavened the dough, but not a hint of sourness. Great crumb, and the flavor was great too, if I had been comparing it to a "standard" dough.

Maybe my starter just needs to age?

I also had some trouble with the dough sticking to the banneton during the 4 hour secondary. I salvaged it OK, but it looks a little silly:


Here's a shot of the crumb:

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I just opened th oven and burst out laughing... Looks like my boule might have been a bit underproofed 'cuz it practically exploded in the oven. Silly looking for sure. Hopefully it'll be tasty though!

I love the pattern from the banneton though.

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I just noticed the "personal blog" section; sometimes I can be a bit... unobservant!

I've posted a couple of things already that should probably should have gone here. Such as:

My First English Muffins


Banneton Tips?

I'll plunk my self-indulgent bread pics here from now on! hehe

Also, if any of you bread-bakers are interested in sailboats, I invite you to visit my site about my Pearson Triton,


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