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My name is Chuck and this is my first post.  I've been baking bread for the past six month.  I just retired and needed to find some activities to fill my time.  I have a background in chemistry and the science of bread baking caught my interest, not to mention the fact that I really love bread.  Working in the kitchen is a lot like working in a laboratory but smells and tastes much better!!!

I started to search bread sites on the internet  and landed on this one.  Reading the posts sharpened my interest.  I started with a basic recipe and evolved into milling my own wheat and altering recipes to whole wheat breads.

This is my favorite!!!  It is a HONEY NUT WHOLE WHEAT OAT BREAD.  It makes the best toast.  Add butter and orange marmalade and you're in heaven.

It takes a little effort to mill and sift the whole wheat, but it is worth it.  I've made it with store bought flour, it's good but not the same.

I've read that some bakers have a problem using fresh milled wheat.  It can be a little tricky.  I've done some reading  and refined my technique.  It seems to work.  I do not use any additives.

I will be happy to share with others and more than pleased to learn from anyone that wants to share.

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