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Hi fellow bakers and thanks for reading.

I have been reading and learning a tremendous amount about bread baking from many TFL posts in the past year or so.  I have been hesitant to take the plunge and start a blog until now since I have mostly been following recipes rather than coming up with new ideas to share.  The past month I have been experimenting more with developing my own recipes, inspired by all the knowledge shared by others.  I am self taught and have followed the advice to practice, practice, practice.  I live in San Francisco where there is no shortage of great breads, but (and this is nothing new to anyone here) there is great satisfaction in eating a loaf you just made.  I have kept a starter for about 18 months and have experimented (although not systematically) with variations on its feed and care.

Last month I made an Olive Sourdough loaf with rye and spelt, and I'd like to share it.  A note about the recipe format: there seem to be a couple of different standards for calculating percentages and hydration.  I have chosen to include the preferment in my calculations, although I'm not sure this is the accepted way, so I am open to suggestions.  

I hope I can contribute to other bakers enjoyment half as much as I have gotten out of TFL.  Good baking!




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