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Well, here goes nothing! I have been baking for years (the usual...cookies, fruit breads, desserts, etc.) and recently decided to try my hand at bread baking. I baked a few using active dry yeasts from the grocery store and they turned out pretty nice. But I realized that I wanted to make my own starter so I took on an ambitious project of starting one of my own to capture the wild yeasts instead of using the packaged kind. My starter is going well (it's been about 7days) and I am ready to bake my first loaf of bread. My problem, however, is that I can't seem to find any recipes in my books that ask for a sourdough sponge...all they use is active dry yeasts and quick-rise yeasts. I have "Bread Alone" by Daniel Leader and "The Bread Bible" by Beth Hensperger (both great books!) but neither of them seem to have any recipes that call for a sourdough starter that I have made myself. Can you substitute the dry yeasts with the wet ones (the sourdough starter that I have made) and if so, what is the ratio? Any help that could be offered would be greatly appreciated! Thank you and happy baking :)

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