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Four months later, Joni Ernst explains her bread bag story - Raw Story

Google News Bread Feed - 10 hours 32 min ago

Raw Story

Four months later, Joni Ernst explains her bread bag story
Raw Story
Sen. Joni Ernst (R-IA) on Tuesday clarified her story about wearing bread bags over her shoes as a child. During her response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union address in January, Ernst touted her modest rural life as a child in Red Oak, Iowa.

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Banana bread recipe proves simple can be delicious - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Google News Bread Feed - 10 hours 44 min ago

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Banana bread recipe proves simple can be delicious
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
The latest was from my oldest — banana bread. Finally, we had the right combination of spare time and brown-freckled bananas. I remembered seeing a recipe for banana bread in an older spring issue of Bon Appetit (March 2013). What had they done to ...

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Panera Bread opening soon in Ridgeland - Jackson Clarion Ledger

Google News Bread Feed - 12 hours 10 min ago


Panera Bread opening soon in Ridgeland
Jackson Clarion Ledger
Panera Bread plans to open its first bakery-café location in the metro area in Ridgeland in late summer. Panera Bread will announce its location later this month, said Allie Munsey, recruiting and branding manager for Blue Ridge and Delta Dough ...
Panera Bread is the latest food company to get rid of artificial additivesQuartz
Panera Bread plans to ditch 150 artificial
Panera Banning Some Artificial IngredientsU.S. News & World Report
New York Times -Forbes
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5 surprising ways to clean with a slice of bread - WCVB Boston

Google News Bread Feed - 12 hours 15 min ago

WCVB Boston

5 surprising ways to clean with a slice of bread
WCVB Boston
If oily salad dressing drips onto your table in the middle of dinner, reach for the bread basket fast. "A piece of bread will quickly absorb a spill, like gravy or wine dribbles, before they soak too far into your tablecloth," says Carolyn Forte ...

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something went wrong bread feed - 13 hours 56 min ago
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Italian bread salad puts tuna in a new light - The Register-Guard

Google News Bread Feed - 17 hours 44 min ago

The Register-Guard

Italian bread salad puts tuna in a new light
The Register-Guard
The flavor even can rival the satisfaction of a juicy steak (and I am a self-professed meat lover). And once it comes off the grill, I like to turn it into my version of an Italian panzanella (bread) salad. I toss the tuna with some grilled summer ...
Ban boring fish: It's time to cook up some delicious grilled tuna panzanellaRavalli Republic
Ban boring baked fish with grilled tuna panzanellaWaterbury Republican American
The Healthy Plate: An easy recipe for grilled tuna

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Bread: Experimenting with sprouted and whole grains - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Google News Bread Feed - May 5, 2015 - 9:03pm

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Bread: Experimenting with sprouted and whole grains
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Next, however, with the popularity of such high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets as Atkins and South Beach, rice, potatoes and especially bread were banned in the cause of losing weight quickly. Now the villain is wheat and its key component, gluten.

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Ernst sets record straight on bread bag story - The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines

Google News Bread Feed - May 5, 2015 - 7:04pm

The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines

Ernst sets record straight on bread bag story
The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines
CEDAR RAPIDS — U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst has provided some clarity to her story about wearing bread bags to protect her shoes while growing up in rural Iowa. “We were raised to live simply, not to waste,” Ernst said as she delivered the Republican response ...
Ernst explains 'bread bag' story on radio showWaterloo Cedar Falls Courier

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Trick to making crispy, creamy French toast involves dense, egg-rich bread - Columbus Dispatch

Google News Bread Feed - May 5, 2015 - 6:40pm

Columbus Dispatch

Trick to making crispy, creamy French toast involves dense, egg-rich bread
Columbus Dispatch
At La Chatelaine, the French toast is made with house-made brioche, a dense, egg-rich yellow bread. The bistro sells loaves of its brioche for homemade French toast, but any dense bread — Italian or French, or even Texas toast — can be substituted.

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Robert St. John: Desporte's Bakery's bread - Jackson Clarion Ledger

Google News Bread Feed - May 5, 2015 - 9:03am

Robert St. John: Desporte's Bakery's bread
Jackson Clarion Ledger
The key to a good po-boy is the bread, and to my taste Desporte's Bakery in Biloxi made the best French bread. Period. New Orleans' purists would scoff at the previous statement, and that's OK. Unfortunately Mother Nature wiped Desporte's off of the ...

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Meet the Baker: Éric Marché

Farine - May 5, 2015 - 9:02am
For me, stepping into Boulangerie Pains, Beurre et Chocolat (PBC), in Nantes, France, was like entering Dame Tartine's famous edible palace (if you didn't grow up to the accents of Il était une dame Tartine you may need to check out the English version of the lyrics to see what I am talking about): my pulse quickened and my brain went into serotonin overdrive as I took in the dazzling display of breads, bretzels, viennoiseries and pastries. I had definitely entered another, wondrous, dimension. The young salesperson flashed me a glorious smile. Before I could introduce myself, Éric Marché stepped out of the lab and came towards me. He too was smiling. We shook hands and talked a while. Then, picking up a buckwheat Menhir nantais (a menhir is a standing stone), one of his signature breads, he good-naturedly agreed to pose for a picture before shepherding me to the back to put my coat down and meet his wife Cathy. Five minutes later we were chatting like old friends.

Like several of the bakers I have met over the years, Éric came to bread from another walk of life. He was 40, working for a regional newspaper and living in southwestern France when he switched tracks. He was already a serious home baker: "I couldn't find bread I liked where we lived. The only way to get the kind of bread I was looking for was to make it myself." Five years earlier, Cathy had quit her job as a business facilitator working for the local chamber of commerce to become a pastry chef. Now it was his turn. He applied to École Banette near Orléans and was accepted. Within six months, he had graduated with two diplomas: the CAP (certificat d'aptitude professionnelle or certificate of professional competency) and the BP (brevet professionnel, a higher professional certificate). Within the Banette system, a beginning baker may be supported by a miller who helps him or her get a foot in the door by providing market research, technical and commercial assistance, etc., in exchange of which the baker becomes a customer. Éric and Cathy thus learned of a bakery coming up for sale in Le Croisic on the coast of Brittany, fifty miles or so west of Nantes. (Le Croisic is right near Guérande, known worldwide for its famous sea-salt). They sold everything they owned and in 2004, as soon as school let out for the summer, they uprooted themselves and their three kids and moved to Brittany.

 Baguette de l'Erdre (tradition au levain) The bakery was a big one.  In high season when business was brisk, it employed up to six people in the back and seven in the front: Éric and Cathy worked hard and managed to increase production by forty percent compared to the previous owners. But the low season was long (Le Croisic mostly comes to life when school is out: to give you an idea, the bakery used to sell one thousand and five hundred baguettes a day in the summer against two hundred in the winter), the miller's flour contained more additives than Éric cared to use and the work wasn't nearly as creative as he had hoped: locals were not really interested in trying out different breads. By 2007, they knew they had to move to a larger city and become independent. They picked Nantes partly because they wanted to stay in the Loire region and partly because competition was fierce in the city: there were many excellent bakers there including La Petite Boulangerie, owned and run by MOF Franck Dépériers, (MOF means Meilleur Ouvrier de France). Making it in Nantes would definitely be a challenge. But at that point in their lives, a challenge was exactly what they were looking for.

Brioche Éric and Cathy found a bakery in Saint-Félix, a lively and prosperous part of the city, in a spot where there had always been a bakery although at the time the premises were reduced to bare walls. Once again they sold everything (at a loss because they were still paying back their loan) and moved. They chose a local mill, Minoterie Girardeau, which had been in the same family for four generations and still stone-milled all of its organic flours. By then it was 2008. They went to work. This time though Cathy was no longer in the back making chocolate (something she had greatly enjoyed doing in Le Croisic's cool climate and big lab): the new lab was simply too warm and too small. So she put on a new hat and took charge of sales and catering. "I love interacting with people, so I am fine," she told me with a twinkle in the eyes before leaving the floor to Éric, only to reappear a few minutes later with a luscious little cake that I was made to sample on the spot, the gâteau nantais, a regional specialty. The taste was like nothing I had every had before: a cross between a French almond cake and a baba-au-rhum. Now I am not a cake person and I never liked rhum very much (my older brother's favorite cake was baba-au-rhum and I always dreaded his birthday growing up) but were I to be magically transported to Dame Tartine's actual palace, Éric and Cathy's gâteau nantais is what I would wish the walls to be made of! "Very easy to make!," proclaims Éric, "The secret is to use good butter, good rhum (and a lot of it) and the best almonds you can afford." There was indeed so much rhum in the slice I had that, had I indulged in a second one, I would probably have been over the legal alcohol limit for driving. (Note: Éric kindly sent me the recipe and I will share it in a separate post. Thank you, Éric!)
But back to bread. Everything in the bakery (including viennoiseries) is leavened with a natural starter. Éric keeps several different ones, some of them seasonal.
  • A liquid starter (100% hydration) based on T65, a farine de tradition française, a wheat flour to which no additive can legally be added and which retains 0.62 % to 0.75 % minerals (see this classification of French flours - in French). Used for baguette de tradition.
  • A firm starter based on organic T80 wheat flour (flour which retains 0.75% à 0.90% minerals). Used for all organic breads besides the kamut and the spelt.
  • A firm spelt starter. Used for the kamut and spelt bread because of its lower gluten content.
  • A high-gluten starter based on farine de gruau (T45). Used at Christmas time for panettone.
  • A levain nantais: liquid starter based on farine de tradition to which beurre roux (brown butter) is added at feeding time. Used for viennoiseries as well as for fouace, a regional bread traditionally made at vendanges (grape harvest) time. 
  • A starter based on levain nantais to which brown sugar syrup is added at feeding time. Used for fouace as well.
For baguette dough, Éric feeds the starter and lets it ferment for two hours. Next he incorporates flour and water by mixing them together for three minutes, lets the mixture autolyse for two hours, does the final mix (four minutes on first speed), lets it bulk ferment at room temperature for two or three hours, divides and shapes, then retards it for sixteen to twenty-four hours. He explains that by treating the dough gently and barely mixing it, he helps preserve the aromas and taste a prolonged high-speed mixing would inevitably destroy.
Menhir nantais The menhir nantais is made with 15% sarrasin (buckwheat) and 85% farine de tradition and leavened with firm levain. But Éric roasts 5% of the buckwheat flour which gives the bread the unmistakable aroma of the crêpes de sarrasin (buckwheat crêpes) Brittany is justly famous for.

Buckwheat flour: roasted (top) and raw (bottom) Visually, it is hard to tell the two flours apart but the minute your nose comes into play, you know which is which.

Buckwheat dough, retarding (for up to 48 hours) Everyone has a favorite bread, right? Éric's is the 100% rye with its subtle hints of honey and spices.
Mine is the tourte de sarrasin, a buckwheat loaf so powerfully aromatic I took one home and had a slice for breakfast for the remainder of our stay in western France. Sliced, toasted and spread with butter speckled with sel de Guérande, it tastes like Brittany itself. So, yes,  I am a convert and next time I make buckwheat bread, I too will roast 5% of the flour.
In 2013, PBC won the fourth spot among a hundred or so bakeries selected to compete at the national level in M6 TV show La Meilleure boulangerie de France.
In the two weeks following the announcement of the results, traffic increased by fifty percent: people came in for the menhir, for the gâteau nantais, for the bi-color croissants and for other viennoiseries.

Croissant & moulin à vent au citron (lemon pinwheel)

Pain aux raisins (raisin roll) and raspberry croissant When traffic went back to normal, Éric found out that his regular customers had become more adventurous: they were willing to try different grains and to trust him with new flavors. Today he makes an average of thirty-two different breads on any given week, including eight or nine organic ones. There is a rule in the lab that everyone must come up with a new bread or viennoiserie every month: some of these creations make it into the bakery's regular répertoire. So it went for l'Italienne (made with herbs and tomatoes on ciabatta dough)...
... and for the Algeria-inspired Mathloun, among others.
At PBC, flours are either organic or the product of sustainable farming. Ingredients are sourced locally whenever possible: salt comes from Guérande, butter from Laiterie de Montaigu in nearby Vendée, honey from Ruchers du Pays blanc in Brittany, etc. Unsold bread goes to food banks and customers can buy an extra baguette and leave it at the bakery for the first person in need who will walk in and ask for it. Cathy keeps track on a big slate behind the register. On any given day, an average of fifteen baguettes are thus shared. I love it.
When asked what best advice he would have for a young baker, Éric doesn't hesitate: "Your first concern should be taste. Shape, length, grignes (cuts), they all matter, but at the end of the day, you don't share a shape, you share a taste. Never lose track of that." Being a baker is a demanding job: it requires long hours (Éric and Cathy are on their feet from 4 AM to 8 PM with a thirty-minute nap in early afternoon) and it seriously disrupts your social life. Looking back though, they only have one regret: that they didn't start at a younger age. But their three kids have remained their first tasters and customers and now that a grandchild has joined the family, they know the taste of good bread will pass on to yet another generation. If that isn't a good enough reason to get up at dawn and fire up the oven, then what is?

Crème des pains

Left: Seeded country loaf. Right: Le Rustique.  Front: Le Norvégien
A slice of Norvégien Crumbs
  • PBC makes no gluten-free bread
  • All flour blends are done in-house
  • Except for the baguette, all bread is sold by weight
  • Dough for the baguette is hydrated at 78%. The starter gets only one feeding and a two-hour fermentation before being put to work. It gets incorporated in the final dough at the same time as the coarse sea salt
  • All seeds are toasted then soaked
  • To roast the flour, Éric puts it in a 320°F oven for a total of fifteen minutes (mixing it every five minutes to prevent it from burning)
  • Spelt bread contains 40% seeds (sunflower, soy, buckwheat and brown flax). Made with malt syrup and firm levain and hydrated at 120%, it keeps five to six days and is a best seller
  • The fruit purées that go into some viennoiseries contain only 10% sugar
  • Crème des pains is made with farine de tradition and crème fraîche. It has a brown butter aroma
  • The Saint-Félix is made with farine de tradition and wheat germ. It has a thick crust and a robust chew
  • Le Norvégien is made with three different whole-grain organic flours (spelt, rye and wheat), six different seeds and three kinds of dried fruit (fig, cranberry and apricot). It bakes for two and a half hours in large 3-kg pans. It keeps for several days
  • Salt content: from 1.77% for baguette and related doughs down to 1.13% for rye, with spelt and kamut hovering at 1.50%.

Moulin à vent au chocolat (Chocolate pinwheel)
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Baked French Toast

Artisan Bread in 5 - May 4, 2015 - 4:50pm

My mom informed me today that I was in charge of planning Mother’s Day this coming Sunday. Now that I have two children of my own, I thought that this duty could be passed along to someone else, perhaps someone planning my Mother’s Day. Apparently it doesn’t work like that. She vaguely mentioned something about being Queen Mother and I’ll just have to wait my turn, so Mother’s Day breakfast is on. Good thing I like her a lot, and also like baking bread.

I’ve found brunch to be ideal for that Sunday morning celebration, but eating out is usually a busy affair in these parts. Baked French toast is now my answer to the “what are we going to serve?” question. It is put together in the evening, where the milk and eggs soak into the layers of challah overnight. The next morning it is baked, served warm, and gone within minutes. It also makes me look like I worked much harder than I did.

Baked French Toast

I followed the Smitten Kitchen’s recipe for Boozy French Toast, making only the slightest changes. I cut my Challah into slices earlier in the day, and let them sit on a wire rack for a few hours to help them dry out a bit before assembling the French toast. I found this helped the bottom layer not be too soggy. I added 1 teaspoon vanilla to the liquid mixture, and scattered 1 cup of raspberries in-between the layers of French toast before baking.

I found my Challah crust got a little too dark and crispy, but pulling it out of the oven early meant that the bottom layer of French toast was slightly under baked. To remedy that, I covered the French toast with foil and baked it for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. I then removed the foil, and finished baking for another 8-10 minutes until the French toast was puffed and golden.

You can follow the instructions for Six-Strand Braided Challah, or Three-Strand Braided Challah. Bake the bread as directed. When cool, cut the bread into about 1-inch pieces.

Layer the bottom of a 9 x 13 pan with the challah. Scatter with raspberries, and then top with another layer of bread. Pour the liquid mixture over the top of the bread, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate overnight.

Bake the French toast the next morning! Your mom will be so happy you did.

Star Wars Meets I Am Bread in Free 'Starch Wars' Update - IGN

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Star Wars Meets I Am Bread in Free 'Starch Wars' Update
A new update titled Starch Wars adds a full-fledged space shooter to the bread simulator, which you can play for free now. Based on the trailer, the update features various bread loaf and toast-inspired ships, including bagel TIE fighters. This isn't ...
You knead to play this 'Star Wars'-themed I am Bread expansionCNET
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Star Wars Day Celebrated With "Starch Wars" for I am Bread - GameSpot

Google News Bread Feed - May 4, 2015 - 4:50am


Star Wars Day Celebrated With "Starch Wars" for I am Bread
Indie developer Bossa Studios (Surgeon Simulator) is celebrating Star Wars Day with a new Star Wars-themed update for its funny action-adventure game I am Bread. The update, which Bossa is calling "Starch Wars - A New Loaf" takes players to outer space ...
I Am Bread introduces space combatPC Gamer
I Am Bread Celebrates May the Fourth in Surprise UpdateTwinfinite
I Am Bread celebrates Star Wars Day with Starch Wars updateShacknews
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Daily Bread Mailbag: Mayweather-Pacquiao Post Edition -

Google News Bread Feed - May 4, 2015 - 2:41am

Daily Bread Mailbag: Mayweather-Pacquiao Post Edition
Bread's Response: Bro I was not always more inclined to think Mayweather would win. I just take emotions out of it. I told my friends and colleagues before the fight that Pac was in trouble. You guys put too much into weigh ins and things like that ...

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Houston-based artisan bakery buys Whole Foods facility for expansion - Houston Business Journal

Google News Bread Feed - May 3, 2015 - 9:15pm

Houston-based artisan bakery buys Whole Foods facility for expansion
Houston Business Journal
Houston-based Slow Dough Bread Co. reportedly has reached an agreement to buy a production kitchen and bakery from Austin-based Whole Foods Market Inc. (Nasdaq: WFM) for an undisclosed amount. CultureMap reports the deal took a year to negotiate ...

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Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Ginger Bread - TV Fanatic

Google News Bread Feed - May 3, 2015 - 8:10pm

TV Fanatic

Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 9 Review: Ginger Bread
TV Fanatic
In Battle Creek Season 1 Episode 9 Russ was still trying to best the FBI at their own game and stubbornly holding onto his mantra that he's somehow respecting Holly by not asking her out. In a move that surprises no one, I have some things to say about ...

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Project Bread's 'Walk for Hunger' raises over $3 million - WHDH-TV

Google News Bread Feed - May 3, 2015 - 4:14pm


Project Bread's 'Walk for Hunger' raises over $3 million
The 20-mile walk winds through several communities and raises money to create sustainable solutions for hunger in Massachusetts and to support Project Bread itself. This year's walk raised more than $3 million. "There are people who struggle to make ...

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Daily Bread Mailbag: Mayweather-Pacquiao Edition -

Google News Bread Feed - May 2, 2015 - 3:42am

Daily Bread Mailbag: Mayweather-Pacquiao Edition
Bread's Response: Thanks for following I'm over here on BoxingScene now. I thought Jennings fought a great fight, especially for a guy as inexperienced as he is. I thought he did really well and I thought a lot of his body punching was not being scored.

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Living Faith: God's will evident in wiping of bread crumbs - INFORUM

Google News Bread Feed - May 1, 2015 - 11:46pm


Living Faith: God's will evident in wiping of bread crumbs
It was after our first lunch, while collecting stray bread crumbs into my rag, that I became aware that, like the unseen soul-shifts going on in our kids, we moms were undergoing holy transformation, too. A book I've been reading may well have ...

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