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Dutch oven size

August 15, 2016 - 5:19pm -- Eaglescoutjb

I have been making large artisan loaves using the FSWY method. I have 5 qt cast iron Dutch ovens and 9" bannetons. These make about 9-10 " loaves.  I want to try making smaller artisan loaves. Approximately 5-6". 

 I want to stick with the FSWY method. What size Dutch oven do I need?What size bannetons?


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newbie starter question

August 15, 2016 - 2:20pm -- novels

Hi everyone! I have a starter that is about a week old, it's my first time trying to make my own starter. Been following Tartine's recipe for making leaven, and doing daily feedings of 50g warm water and 50g of a whole wheat / white flour blend. So far getting some nice bubble action, fragrant and almost a parmesan smell some days.

My question is-- how do I know my starter is ready to use? I'm eager to try it out on a loaf but I don't want to be too eager, as I know good bread takes time.

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Allan Scott design bread oven for sale

August 15, 2016 - 1:07pm -- Biscuitridge

We're moving so we need to sell our oven,the picture is of 100%whole spelt sourdough bread, oven works great,wish we didn't have to sell.we're in Southeast Washington. I  built it with moving in mind, so it can be moved easily, my neighbor has a loader that can set it on a trailer ,I have more pictures if you're interested, just can't figure out how to post them, I'll email them to anyone interested. Asking $1500.00

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Looking to shake things up just a little, I decided to change a bit from my recent Semolina with Rye Levain concoction.  Not a lot, just enough to see what would happen by altering that one thing.  And that one thing was to use 60% durum/40%AP flour in the final mix rather than 100% durum.  Otherwise all things remained the same.  Well, except that I actually did a 3 stage build this time.

Baguettes are 3x350g, Batard is 1x600g

I think that the prior batch had slightly better oven spring, this one has a more craggy look where the baguettes bloomed.  But that really isn't a complaint.  Just an observation.


Crumb shot added the following AM to satisfy a few demanding bread nuts!

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c100t attachment identification

August 14, 2016 - 10:19am -- nythng4mny

We purchased a beautiful C100T Hobart and it sounds PERFECT..


Have yet to test under load.  Had issue with timer but removed and repaired.


This part however has us baffled.  Anyone know what this might be?

The "screen" part fits in a bowl and the ceramic part is spring loaded.  it does rotate inside the walls perfectly.


Thanks in advance..


PS:  I am also emailing Hobart to see if they can ID it too.


Nazareth, PA


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